Sunday Afternoon Song of the Moment

I'm a little late pulling this one together. As I have been out of the loop, with finding new music lately, I'm pulling an old one out and dusting it off.

I've talked in-depth of my love for Bob Marley & the affectionate, warm memories that the music conjures up - the fact that these songs were my lullabies, basically. My dad played Bob non-stop. And I believe I am all the better for it. We watched documentary videos about Bob that my dad had in his library. I haven't seen those videos in years.

I still listen to these songs frequently. On a daily to weekly basis. I never tire of them. They balm my soul, they make me happy, they make me think, they make me feel. These songs course through me, like my blood through my veins. That is how much they are apart of me.

When I decided to search for this song on Youtube (thinking it would not be difficult to find), I almost felt as if I were cracking open a sacred time capsule of sorts. These videos are so sacred - the fond, happy memories that are wound up and tied to them. And when I played this video, which I haven't seen in an excess of twenty years, I was all chills, on the verge of tears, and smiling like I haven't smiled before. I remember this video/song vividly. I remember thinking how serene, happy, and genuine Bob looked. I remember thinking that if I could go anywhere at that moment, I would love to be transported to that video. To be near him, to feel his smile upon me like sunshine, to giggle and laugh like I never have before. To feel the peaceful, joyful childlike, blinded love and concern that was synonymous (in my mind) to Bob. In a safe, little place where we could all feel happy and beautiful for our likes and differences. Because, well, we all are. To feel childhood. If only for three to four minutes . The childhood that I had to leave behind when my family fell apart. The childhood I had only when I was with my Dad.
These songs, these videos will always hold the nearest and dearest part of me. And the endless hours listening and enjoying with my Dad.

Oh, and besides the shots of his beautiful smile. My favorite part is the end. Where he's dancing his signature dance...and leading the children. Like the pied piper. To a better place.

I hope you enjoy today's song. Is This Love by: Bob Marley and the Wailers

2 ripples in the pond:

Joker The Lurcher said...

i love this too - he was part of my youth. i really like jammin too...

jen said...

this song in particular reminds me of such a sweet time.

such a sweet time. thank you for reminding me of it.