Tabba's Take on My Sister's Keeper

This is what has been keeping me away from blogging. Well, this and the beautiful, sunny, warm weather we are (finally) experiencing here on the East Coast.
A friend lent this to me and I promised I would read it as soon as my classes were done. My last class ended last Thursday and as soon it was over, I picked up this book.
I'm sure many of you probably have read this one already. I'm slow to keep up with books (as evidenced by the books that are in my sidebar - and have been sitting in my sidebar for what, like 6 months now?).
Reading the description of the book on the back cover, I was like, meh. But this book kept me engrossed from the first page to the last. Not many authors can do that. Not only that, I get sick of the same old, depressing stories. And while this book was rather sad, it also tackled a current-day moral/ethical topic. Jodi Picoult could weave words and write raw, human emotion like none that I have read recently.
Lastly, I'm a sucker for a cheeky, precocious female character. This book did not fail to deliver that in Anna, the main character.
This all being said, I really do hate book reports. As you can probably tell by my awkward, meager writing of this. But the book was too good for me not to share my thoughts about it with you. I can't imagine Denguy rushing out to buy it - or any other guy for that matter (although, I'm trying to talk Rav into reading it. I wouldn't label it as a "chick" book, but rather a book about a relevant social issue), but I do recommend it.

3 ripples in the pond:

thailandchani said...

I just finished four books this past week (all of them good) and am looking for a new one. I'll pick it up!



Joker The Lurcher said...

i've just read it too! i agree -couldn't put it down!

Denguy said...

Oh, what's the relevant social issue this book covers?