This past weekend has found the Casa de Ravioli simmering down from a whirlwind of activities. I won't recap all of the mundane details of it all. But I will say:
(cue dramatic string arrangement as heard in the Mastercard commercials)

*Dinner with friends on Saturday? Good.
*The beach on Sunday with the kids, Daddy, & Mommy spending quality time together? Good.
*Memorial Day activities? Good.
*The mood and temperment of the kids after getting home past 10 almost all weekend? Horrible.

But we had a great weekend. I really have nothing of import to discuss today. I did my scheduled ride this morning with Jen. Which was superb. And I just thought I'd share some photos......

Gracie imitating what I was doing: trying to get her to smile during the Mother's Day photo shoot.

Ravioli doing the Ravioli Shuffle at the wedding of a coworker/friend a last month.

This was how I got Ravioli to swing dance with me. I socked it to him. Kidding.

I was doing the Napoleon Dynamite dance and I got caught in the act. It just so happens to look like I punched Rav right on the button.

4 ripples in the pond:

jen said...

look how adorable you are in that little black dress.

and rav, well...it's like an updated version of the running man. but a cute running man.

carrie said...

Oh, I love the dancing!

Totally worth the kids being worn out for memories like those!


Oh, The Joys said...

You guys have two "mini me's" just like we do!

thailandchani said...

Great pictures.. as always! It does sound like a rather exhausting weekend. :)