When Horizontal Parenting Goes Awry

It's Saturday morning. The weather is beautiful. And we're all lazing about. Taking the day in stride. Rav & I are trying to decide what to do with the kids today. He is horizontal on the couch. I am vertical in the computer chair - which is not much of an improvement over the horizontal position. We leave the kids doing this:

They are coloring peacefully together. Connor even referred to them being twins. All seems right with the world. Rav & I decide to take our conference upstairs to the private confines of the bedroom. It seems our agendas were different. I wanted to get down to the business of deciding our activities for the day and well, Rav wanted to get down to busy-ness. Determined CEOE ( Chief Executive of Everything) that I am, I was not having it. So, he relents. And we just lay in each other's arms and not making decisions. Just enjoying the quiet moment together.

Hmmm. It is very quiet. And then........

Connor & Gracie come bounding up the stairs. There is electric excitement in those heavy footsteps and lilts in their voices. And I know we're in for it.

The view from the horizontal parenting position:

What is that square with the lines on his belly, you ask?

Skeleton bones, Connor replies.

I know Jess at OTJ would be so proud of our horizontal parenting skills.

As I type this Rav is bathing the fruits of my children's artistic labor off of their bodies. And probably wondering where in the hell I am.

Maybe we should take the kids to an art museum today.

3 ripples in the pond:

Oh, The Joys said...

Ah, the fruits of horizontal parenting labor. Aren't they joyful?!

jen said...

that is hilarious. perfect.

deb said...

I needed that laugh, thank you. I like the whole idea of horizontal parenting.