Hoagies and Grinders, Hoagies and Grinders....

This past weekend, our family celebrated my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. That's them over there to the left... Mem and Pap.
(sound like a total redneck, don't I?? heh)

I have mentioned on here that my mom's family is Pennsylvania Dutch.

I'm pretty sure that, at one time, our family was Amish and broke away.
And I'm not joking. I'm dead serious.

Anyway......whenever there is a big, family function you can always count on good, country home-cooked food. Which, truth-be-told is good. But not necessarily good for you.
For example, homemade Whoopie Pies.
But not so good, as far as healthful food is concerned.

Because the celebration was a more "formal" affair, we had some food catered.
And everyone pitched in and brought something.
Even my grandmother, who we were celebrating.
She brought her homemade sloppy joe.
Which, is so delicious, it can make absolutely no comparison to that Man-wich stuff.
There is no substitute for Mem's sloppy joe.
We were fortunate enough to be sent home with some of the homemade sloppy joe.

Monday, the kids & I were sitting on the sofa. And Rav walks into the room.
I ask him what he's heating up for lunch.
He replies Sloppy joe.
And, without warning, and at the same time, we both being to sing from Adam Sandler's Lunch Lady Land song:

Sloppppyy joe. Slop-slopppy joe!!!!
Sloppppyy joe. Slop-slopppy joe!!!!

As we sing this, the kids are both delighted and scared. For they have no idea what has come over their parents.
We begin to play some weird tickling game with the kids while singing:

Sloppppyy joe. Slop-slopppy joe!!!
Sloppppyy joe. Slop-slopppy joe!!

And they laughed like they've never laughed before.
We laughed like we never have laughed before.

In the middle of the sloppy joe tickle fest, I was able to break away.
And I hopped over to the computer to search out Youtube for the video.
And I found it!
Upon the first viewing, the kids were hooked.
We've been singing:

Sloppppyy joe. Slop-sloppppy joe!!!
Aaaalllllll week.
And watching that video over and over and over again.

Here's the video in case you've never seen it or heard it. Although, I'm sure many of you have.
But go. Enjoy.
Act your shoe size. Not your age.
It does us all some good to be juvenile once-in-awhile.
Go! Watch! Sing! Nobody's watching. I swear.

6 ripples in the pond:

liv said...

Your grandparents look so young!! Wow! Drink in that fountain of youth.

Tabba said...

liv - that picture was from about 8 or 9 years ago. They have aged (in appearance) quite a bit since that photo. We took a picture of my grandparents and all of their kids (my aunts/uncles) and the picture just did not do my grandfather justice.
It's sad to see them grow older.

Her Grace said...

You've now turned on another generation to Adam Sandler...good for you! I love that song, but upon inspection, I may love homemade whoopie pie even more, given the chance!

carrie said...

Yeah for the Grandparents Anniversary! They are adorable.

Oh, the Sloppy Joe song, you have no idea how many times I've given myself a sideache watching SNL reruns (especially the Chris Farley "specials" where he plays the lunchlady and Adam Sandler is singing - dear god). Thanks for the chuckle, now I'll be singing that song too!


carrie said...

Love the Prince reference too.

I think acting your shoe size could be fun.


flutter said...

I frequently act my shoe size. They sound darling..