Sunday Morning Song of the Moment

I wish I knew how to adequately start this post.
Quite frankly, I'm a wreck.
I'm smiling.
I'm joking.
On the outside.
On the inside, I'm trying to make pieces fit.
And the fact that Connor is with us and is OK, should be enough.
But there are things that come back to me in my mind's eye that I can't shake off.
There's the knowledge of the fact that your son tip-toed on a razor's edge.
And seconds, which seem so insignificant in the course of days, years, and lives could have made all of the difference in my world.
And they have.
We were lucky.
We are lucky.

If you've been reading here for any length of time, you know just how important music is to me. Upon the birth of both of the kids, I have made several, several CD's for them.
And the song that always brings me back to being a first time Momma, huddled in the soft cocoon of Connor's nursery, rocking and holding for what seemed years on end was and is Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) by John Lennon. I wanted to save this song and share it on his birthday. But I think it is most fitting to share today.

Again, thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes. It means so much. You'll all never know just how comforting it has been.

Enjoy the song :)

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jen said...

honey, i imagine it will take a while to come down off of this...and i hope you allow for that. just because the crisis is over doesn't mean that it's actually done. so be gentle with you.

thailandchani said...

Have you ever heard a song by Celine Dion called "A New Day"? It is about the birth of her son and it's really beautiful! Even though I am not typically very interested in Celine Dion, that song is an exception.

Try it. You'll like it.. and I'll bet it speaks to you.



alejna said...


Thanks for sharing this beautiful song. I knew it before, but it was all the more moving to hear with your story attached.

I came over by way of jen's, and have been thinking of you. It was such a shock to see how close things came. It is so sobering to realize that seconds can make such a big difference. I had to hold my little girl tight.

Needless to say, I am so glad that your beautiful boy is okay.

Oh, The Joys said...

I'm so glad he is okay and so sorry you had to face such a big scare.

deb said...

That's a lovely song. I like your Sunday morning songs because I didn't listen to much music when I was young and there was almost no music in my home growing up. But you're teaching me and I'm enjoying it.

I imagine it was worse for you than it was for Connor. Young children are blessed with ignorance, they have no idea they are mortal. Take care sweetie and I'm sending you a hug.

carrie said...

Perfect song for a perfect boy.

Pass out lots of hugs today, and tomorrow!


Jenny said...

Oh sweetie...that's so terrible. I know what you mean. My nephew fell all the way down my stairs when he was one. When he hit the bottom I thoght the worst but he was okay. My sister cried such gut-wrenching sobs from just the thought of almost loosing him and I still feel sick years later just thinking of it. It's such a traumatic thing. Sending you and your family hugs.

PinkPowerSuit.com said...

I love this song too. It was on the Mad About You mix CD with a bunch of other great songs about being a parent, like The Things We've Handed Down, sung by Marc Cohn, though I think it's an Art Garfunkel song.

Music saves me too.