I'm A Doubting Tabba

Today I have an interview for a full-time job as a youth rehab. counselor at our state's juvenile detention center.
I'm nervous as all get out.
I haven't done this in years.

I know that, in a few short hours, I'll be picking apart my "look", my lack of skills (imagined or not), my lack of knowledge (imagined or not), and my lack of ability (imagined or not).

If they ask me about how many loads of laundry can be done in a day, I will dazzle them with my knowledge.
If they ask me how to make homemade soups or pasta sauce, I'd be offered a position of great import.
If they were to ask me how many times a day Dora is aired on Nick, Nickjr., or Noggin, I'll ace it. I can dazzle them with my knowledge of spanish learned from watching said Dora episodes.
If they were to ask me to sing jingles from LazyTown, Dora, Diego, WonderPets, Backyardigans, or Ben10.....I'm the girl for the job!
If they were to ask me what kind of ointment to use on diaper rash, I'd go on and on about not using any. To clean with water and apply Vaseline. Surely, their eyes would swim at my confidence and knowledge in all things related to the areas where bodily fluids are expelled.

As you can see, I'm doubting myself.
In my knowledge of things outside of the home.

Please wish me luck.
I think I'm going to need it.

oh, me of little faith...

13 ripples in the pond:

deb said...

Quit beating yourself up, there are others who would be happy to do it for you. There's nothing wrong with you Tabba, believe it. You have a lot to offer. Good luck sweetie.

thailandchani said...

Just be who you are. Don't twist and bend yourself to meet their expectations. You know how these things go. :)



carrie said...

I am sure you will ace it.

And hey, if not, I hear Nickelodeon is hiring in their children's programming department! :)

Wishing you well.


jen said...

GOOD LUCK!!! you'll nail it, friend. because you already have the stuff you can't teach.

ffbgirl said...

I am thinking positive thoughts for you--that your interview will go well and that you will remember that you are a ROCK star and this center would be LUCKY to have you!!

flutter said...

You don't need luck, you have you.

Tabba said...

Thank you all so much!

I'm quite sure that I stunk up the interview.
By I tried to charm them with my smile, my laugh, and my wit.

So, in short...I stunk it up pretty bad ;)

liv said...

Tabba, as a former head hunter, I have to say that you need practice. You=We. We all have to get interviewing practice. Stink it up a few times, and then you'll stop caring and voila! you'll be marvelous! And remember, if you believe you can you can! :)

Slackermommy said...

Good luck girl! I've got faith in you!

Pippajo said...

I'm a little late, but don't sell yourself short, girl!

You're incredibly smart, passionate and honest. You know what you think about things and you're not afraid to share it. I could go on and on...

Just be yourself. If they don't want you, that's your loss, not yours. You don't want to work for someone you have to pretend for.

Hope it works out for you!

Joker The Lurcher said...

oh - i hope you get it but if not its because its not right for you, their loss!

Beck said...

I hope it went very, very well.

thailandchani said...

It will be interesting to hear from you, why you think you stunk it up?

I honestly think these interviews are about the hardest thing anyone can have to go through.

Don't feel too badly about it. I always stunk 'em up.