The Story Behind Killer

Remember a bit back, I was reminiscing about the summer camp where Rav & I met?
And I discussed that I was given the name of Dodgeball Ninja?
Which was a name used only on the Dodgeball court or in reference to the game itself.

Some of you who commented yesterday were curious about where Killer came from.
And again, that started at camp.....
Let's see....where to begin.

Let's start with my stats. Remember, I'm only 5'1". Really, 5' 1 1/2"....but that 1/2" really just makes me sound juvenile. Although, when you grow up always being the shortest one, you'll do anything for that 1/2". Anyway.....

I can't stand to be underestimated. Yes, I suppose I must have a Napoleon complex to some degree.
Also, at that time, I was probably 110 lbs., soaking wet. I was a wee thing.
Many people think they have to handle me with care simply because I am(was) little.

Working at the YMCA, we had every kind of kid you could imagine. From every kind of home.
Now, I am of the mindset that, when working with kids (of any kind) you have to start off sort of "tough" (i.e. be firm up front, set immediate boundaries, give respect and expect respect, that sort of thing....), and then ease up once roles have been clearly defined.
Not to mention when working with the number of kids that we did at that summer camp, it is essential that there be firm expectations - for safety reasons.
Look, bottom-line, I took my job seriously.

The second week of camp, I was assigned to work with the oldest group (who were about 12-14). And leading that group? Rav.
Rav who was a "senior" counselor.
Rav who was about the cockiest, arrogant person I had ever met at that point.
Rav who helped to develop G.A.T. (the Get-Away-Theory).
Which means that you try to ditch your group as much as possible.
And he surely did.

Which totally pissed me off.

He left me, a newbie, to try to handle this group of kids who were hell-bent on doing everything they could to make my life a living hell.
I was busting my butt in the summer heat, while he was laying on picnic tables in the shade with his finger up his nose.
When he finally returned to group, I let him have what-for. I was nice. I was firm.
But he got my point.

So, between my LOUD, commanding voice (for being so small), my often hard demeanor, my take-no-crap attitude, and my handling of Rav when shirking his duties, I was crowned


8 ripples in the pond:

thailandchani said...

LOL! That's a good one! Big surprises come in little packages. :)



Slackermommy said...

I love it! My hubby also believes in G.A.T.

Oh, The Joys said...

Heh. He liked you right away.

Rav said...

Of course I liked her right away! And a few points I would like to make.I have been called cocky before, but arrogant??? Pshaaw! As if... And it was the Group Avoidance Theory which I mastered. And I recall that once Hurricane Tabba "let me have what for," I said, "Easy Killer" It just so happened that it lent itself well to her skills at making kids cry too!

Tabba said...

Rav, I love you.

You know I've lost quite a few brain cells upon carrying your children......I forgot what G.A.T stood for.

And yes, dear. Yes, you were tad arrogant. But the important thing is that we both got over it and are together now.

Beck said...

Killer! That's fantastic.
I'm actually quite tall, but everyone always assumes that I'm quite short.

flutter said...

Oh man, you two have it bad.

Love it.

carrie said...

Having lead the eldest group of summer camp Y.M.C.A.ers myself in my own later teen years, I can see how that nickname served you well. They are not an easy bunch of kids.