While I Get My Thoughts In Order

I've touched on a subject that I feel, for others and myself, is relevant. It's a subject that I feel needs to be brought to the forefront for many reasons. And while I organize my thoughts for further posts this week, I just want to share a sampling of Connor's musings.

A few weeks ago:
{Connor} Mom?

{Me} Yes.

{Connor} Who is Al Capone?

{Me} (thinking) WTF?!?!

Some weeks ago:
{Connor} Mom?

{Me} Yes?

{Connor} Who were the Vikings?

{Me} (thinking) GAH!!!

*as we're getting out of the car in the grocery store parking lot*
{Connor} Mom! I saw another green car just like our car. That car was a clone. Sometimes cars are clones.

{Me} Yes, Connor. Did you see a car that looked like ours? How do you know what a clone is?

{Connor} Because I'm smart.

{Me} Oh, yes you are. How do you know you're smart?

{Connor} Because I'm smart.

Last night:
{Connor} Mom? What keeps my brains stuck on the inside?

{Me}(touching my skull) Feel that hard part of your head Connor. Do you feel it? Do you feel how hard that is?

{Connor} Yes. I feel it.

{Me} Well, that is your skull. That is what keeps your brain inside of your head.

{Connor} Oh. Yeah! And my brain is BIG!

Today. About 30 minutes ago.
{Connor} Mom! I cast a spell on the sink and the dishes are being washed.

{Rav} Connor, please go downstairs and turn off the sink.

{Me} Connor, what spell was that?

{Connor} I don't know. I can't remember.

(he comes back up the stairs from turning off the sink)

{Connor} Mom! I cast a spell and it turned on the TV!

{Me} Oh yeah? What spell was it?

{Connor} Turnonmagora.

7 ripples in the pond:

Joker The Lurcher said...

this is so like our lives! i am writing a book which is based on real people including my son. will ping you a link when its finished!

Tabba said...

Joker - I would love for you to do that. I can't wait to read it.

Her Grace said...

He sounds like a great kid!

Pgoodness said...

Turnonmagora!!! ROFLMAO!!! He's priceless. :)

flutter said...

what a cool kid!

jen said...

can he cast a spell long distance? i want him to send me one - pertaining to the cleaniless of my bathroom.

lovely post.

carrie said...

That's a boy for ya! Dontcha just love 'em?