Well, Slap My Ass And Call Me Generous

I have never nominated anyone for a Perfect Post Award or a ROFL Award. Nor have I participated in Jen and Mad's Just Post Awards.
It's not that I don't want to.
It's not that I don't read amazing things that fall into any of these categories.
It's simply because I read so much that fits into those categories
mainly because
I'm a slacker.

Somehow though, this month I managed to do a wee bit of nominating.
I've popped my nominating cherry so-to-speak.
And there is no one else I'd rather do that with than Kevin Charnas.
The guy is grab-your-oxygen-mask-and-put-on-your-depends funny.
I nominated his 'Afraid To Move' post. Because well, it was funny. And it stuck with me so that I had an inexplicable dream about Kevin, me, and something to do with that post.

Go on over and visit Chicky Chicky Baby and Metro Mama and check out all of the funny stuff. If you feel anything like me today, you could use a good chuckle.

Are you still here?
GO, sillies! Get your laugh on.

7 ripples in the pond:

thailandchani said...

Oh, heavens! The first of the month must be "nominating day". Nearly each blog I've looked at includes them.




Slackermommy said...

Getting my laugh on!

Oh, The Joys said...

Oh, who's the nominatrix now?!! Go girl!

Amber said...

I was thinking of calling you funny instead but I can't blame you if you're into generous ass slapping...

jen said...

ah, yes. see tabba go.

carrie said...

So how was it? The cherry-popping, I mean? I'm dying to know.


Tabba said...

Carrie: It was all I thought it would be.

And more :)