Sunday Morning Song of the Moment

I wanted to pick this song a few months ago. And I'm not sure which song bumped it off.

My old boss at the University of Delaware was a music collector. She loves music. She appreciates the art of being a musician and the art of a song. Her knowledge of music blew me away. She introduced me to some things, I introduced her to some things.
It was a common language she & I shared. And language that not many people I know personally, speak.
She always had an eclectic mix of CD's in her bag that she carried or in her car. And I would love to pick through some of her CD's to see what new goody I could find.

I remember one evening we were discussing Nawlins (New Orleans) and different stories about different artists from that area. She handed me a CD to pop in and she mentioned the name of the artist. When she said his name, it rang a bell. Somewhere in the far recesses of my mind. When I played the CD, I knew the voice. But barely.
It was a voice I could not decide if I liked or not.
I kept listening though.
And I became more and more certain that I had heard it before. But just not sure where I had.
The unusual voice and the crafty way in which he played the piano was hitting a nerve. In a good way.

A few days later, I went out and bought the only CD that I could find of his.
And thus began my love affair with Fess.

Today, I'm sharing Whole Lotta Love by Professor Longhair.
This song makes me want to get my white girl dancing groove on.
I hope you enjoy. Grab your man, grab your woman, grab your kids, grab your dog and stand him back on his back legs, hold his front paws in yours - grab whatever.....crank up the music and dance like nobody's watching.
It does a soul good.

2 ripples in the pond:

thailandchani said...

Love the layout! Absolutely! It is beautiful...

Did you create it? :)



Tabba said...

Chani - Thank you! I wasn't sure how my regular readers would like the change...and I'm a little sad to lose the image of the "Mrs. Incredible" from my header. I'll have to find a way to work her back in somehow.

No, I didn't create it. I found it on a site of free blogger templates....I was bored with the old look - eventhough I loved it...I was ready for something new.