Sunday Morning Song of the Moment - father's day edition

This was taken about 50 minutes after Connor was born. Rav was so young. Well, I was young too. But Rav was even younger. It seems like a lifetime ago that this picture was taken. And it seems like just a mere 5 minutes ago it was taken. If that makes any sense.

Rav & I were elated to become parents. It wasn't planned. But this picture marks an amazing time in our lives. We were becoming a family. We were still figuring it all out (well, to some extent, we still are).

At this time, Rav was working full-time and attending college full-time to complete his degree. There were days that I woke up wondering how I did what I did. But more often, I often wondered how Rav did what he did. Everyday. With no complaints.

This picture was taken a month or so after Gracie was born. She was a snuggle-bunny. She always wanted to be close. This picture is a rather amazing artifact, because for the first 7 months of her life, she wanted no one but Momma. And in all the excitement of her birth, we managed to not get a picture of Rav holding her. Which makes me rather sad.

Rav has been amazing to watch as a father - a Dad. Countless hours spent rocking and singing to Connor. Playing silly boy games.
He's always here. He works so hard. And he is 150% devoted to the kids. To me. To our family.
I know. I know just how lucky the kids are to have Rav as a Dad. I know just how lucky I am to have Rav as my husband, my love. And anyone who knows Rav is lucky to know him. For he is probably the most loyal person I've ever met.
He is kind, generous, heartfelt, funny, and gentle. Even a bit cheesy sometimes. But he's just an all around great guy.
I know that I could search the Earth and find many a good guy. But, in my searches, I could never find a guy who is strong enough to be a man for me or a Dad for my kids

like Rav.

Happy Father's Day, baby.

I struggled with a song today. Rav knows that I have struggled with a song for today. I had a couple that would be so fitting, but they were not to be found on Youtube.
So, here is my pick..... Loving Wings by Dave Matthews Band.
For my Rav. And for all of the other Dads out there today.
From me.

7 ripples in the pond:

jen said...

i love that we have wonderful partners and fathers. and i know Rav is definitely one of the good ones, every single day.

enjoy being celebrated, rav-man.

flutter said...

absolutely beautiful, have such a wonderful day

Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful tribute to Rav. He sounds like a sweetheart.

Karen Forest said...

What a wonderful tribute.

Aren't we lucky....

carrie said...

I am sure my boyfriend was honored to sing that song for your husband on Father's Day! :)

Hope it was a good one!


Tabba said...

Carrie: LMAO!

KC said...

What a lovely post for what sounds like a number one father and husband. You can't ask for much more than that.