Witty Banter With A Side Of Air Head

This morning, for a few brief moments, found Rav & I on our bellies on our bed. With two little munchkins walking on or sitting on our backs. Sounds a little mundane and/or weird. But really, it was great. They were entertained. We were "relaxing". It was a marriage of perfection. Rav looks over at me and says, This is horizontal parenting to the extreme. Although, it's not as good as stacked horizontal parenting.
All men are pretty much the same, right? I have to give him credit. For it was pretty funny. And once again, I know that Jess would be so proud of our skillz.
Unrelated to horizontal parenting.......I mentioned in the comments to my last post that I stunk up the interview. I felt that, I was pretty comfortable exchanging small-talk and witty banter with the three guys on the interview panel. They were impressed that I could operate heavy machinery and build patios/stone walls. They were impressed with my apparent patience in working with preschool kids for so long. One of the guys on the interview panel said, Really, I bet it's not all that different working with preschoolers and working with our population.
To which I replied, I think you're right. The only difference is that this population is locked up. The preschoolers are just roaming free. For right now, anyway.
He seemed to appreciate my sense of humor.
That was great. Not many people get it.

One of the other men on the panel was the Assistant Superintendent of the facility. During our getting to know each other chit chat, he mentioned he was originally from the Department of Corrections. I mentioned that Rav is a Probation Officer. We began discussing how the juvenile sector and the corrections sector are like two different worlds. I began to discuss with him that juveniles still have the factor of time and mold-ability on their side ( I hate using the word mold-ability, change, etc. It sounds as if they are programmed. But some of these kids are save-able). Whereas with the adults.......the instances of rehabilitation are fewer and far between.

Again, the banter portion of the interview, I felt, went well. I think if they based the interview completely on that alone, I'd have the job in the bag.

The interview consisted of about 5 scenario-type questions. And I was required to tell a story of an instance that answers the question. The first question started out great.
And then from there on out, I fell apart. I felt like I was fumbling over my words. Drawing blanks.....I know that I have ample experience and knowledge. But my mind left me after the first question...or so I feel anyway.
Of course, when I got in the car, I could think of a million different shining examples of my abilities. But I'll be damned if I could recall them sitting on that panel.

The Assistant Superintendent told me that I'd hear something by the end of the week.
Quite frankly, I was expecting a call yesterday saying You're a really cool cat and all. But no thanks. We do not need any more time to think this one over.

Rav has a co-worker/friend who has a friend who works at the facility where I interviewed. He asked me to make sure I got at least one name of the interviewers. Which, in my air-headed filled moment, I managed to do. I think he's going to try to find out how it went. I don't think this guy has any pull, but he may be able to give me some fair warning.

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed....

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KC said...

Things always aren't as bad as we remember while sitting on the hot spot. If you feel the first part went well, I bet you totally rocked it. Good luck! Crossing my fingers for you.

Her Grace said...

That small talk is so important...it really helps interviewers connect with you and remember you. It sounds like you did really well.

Good luck!

Jenn said...

Good luck!

It's always the kicker--the things we wish we could have remembered to say.

But it sounds like you rocked!

liv said...

keep us posted, sweetie! you're a rock star. BELIEVE!

flutter said...

I will wager a bet that you did extremely well

thailandchani said...

Those scenario questions are always gnarly. Most situations don't have pat solutions. They are too complex. Who is involved? Where are they? What's the background?

I'm sure they had their reasons for asking.. but it might have been more effective to ask "are you comfortable thinking on your feet".

I'll be interested to know what happens. :)



jen said...

i think it's in the bag, friend. i just feel it.

Oh, The Joys said...

Oooh! Good job guys!

(and I'm sure you did fine.)

Her Bad Mother said...

What kc said - we always skew oru memories to the negative, to the things that we wish we could have changed. We overlook what was good. I'm certain that most of it WAS good ;)

carrie said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you too! You know, whenever I think something isn't going to work, it usually does - that's just the way the universe works for me. I wish you the same!! :)