A rose by any other name...

I haven't had the great fortune of actually meeting a fellow blogger in real life yet.

I have yet to connect with one who is from my immediate area.

Well, I know there is one who lives in a neighboring state, but this pocket of the country seems not to possess a lot of bloggers.

Either that, or I'm just not looking hard enough.

Which is probably more likely.

Anyway, in an attempt to be playful when starting up my blog, I decided to use one of my nicknames - Tabba.

I have a couple nicknames. Some I know about, some I'm sure that have been given to me that I'm not aware of. And believe me. What I don't know, won't hurt me.

A few months or weeks - I'm not sure how long ago, as time is this crazy thing I have no concept of anymore when staying home with the kids - I got a chance to actually speak to a fellow blogger on the phone. She called, and she asked for Tabba.

I wasn't expecting the call from her, necessarily, though I was pleasantly surprised. So when I heard someone ask for Tabba, I stopped in my tracks....see, that is a name that only a certain handful of people call me.

For instance, my BFF and her daughter.

Certain members of my family - like my closest cousins and their kids - call me that.

Sometimes my uncle.

Most people call me Tab.

Usually someone who calls me Tabitha is not very close to me.

And my Dad, Mom, Stepmom, & brothers call me Jess.

As a little girl, my Dad used to call me Catfish.

My one sister-in-law calls me Tabby.

I've even been known to answer to Mommy a few million times a day.

Rav used to call me Killer - and still does from time to time.

I guess what I'm really trying to get at here, is that the few of you out here that read me regularly are calling me Tabba.

A name that, for me, denotes a rather intimate relationship. And the funniest part is that I have never met any of you, but it feels so comfortable.

And in my picking that name here for my blog, I never realized what exactly, that would mean.

And now I do.

12 ripples in the pond:

carrie said...


Well, thank YOU for sharing that. And for sharing so much of yourself, everyday!


Her Grace said...

What a neat post. Also, Killer? I love it.

Oh, The Joys said...

Dear Tabba,
Call ME Jess.

deb said...

It's a weird kind of intimacy Tabba, although I kind of like the whole "Killer" thing.

liv said...

Hugs... although I'm super drawn to referring to you as Killer from here on out. You can call me Liver if you want...but, wait. don't.

thailandchani said...

Funny thing about names. :) I am so accustomed to Chani now that my given name sounds like nails on a blackboard.

I think we should all be called something that sounds like music to our ears.




Karen Forest said...

very nice!

jen said...

i think when we spoke i must have called you Tabba, not even thinking about it, because, dearest, you ARE Tabba.

flutter said...


Hi you! I'm Christine. Friends call me, well flutter :)

Slackermommy said...

I love how you write.

Slackermommy is only my blog name so fortunately I'm not called it to often because like you I didn't give much thought to my blog name when I started. Most people call me Kristie. My family calls me Kris. My hubby calls me Babydoll unless he's mad at me then I'm Kristie.

Can't wait to meet you. I'm going to give you a big ole hug! BTW, I love the name Tabitha!

What's the story behind "Killer"?

KC said...

It's funny how our blog names become our persona. A few people have called me KC in real life but it's definitely taken on it's own life here.

I spent the last year in a graduate class where everyone called me by my formal first name, instead of my usual nickname. It was different. Nice. Like I was taking on another identity.

Jen Magnuson said...

I know what you mean - I post as Jen, but that's typically what my closest friends call me - so I can relate.