Ants Marching

Have any of you ever seen "A Christmas Story"? Stupid question, right? Who hasn't?
Remember the one scene where they are all sitting down to dinner, the mother is serving everyone and Ralphie is talking about how in "twenty years, my mother hasn't had a hot meal for herself." Everytime she would go to sit down & eat, someone would ask for something else. That's where I'm at. Everytime I go to sit down to eat, sit down at the computer, sit down with a cup of coffee...My ass is just starting to hover over the seat & the kids pipe up, "Mom, I need......", "Mom, can you get me........?" It's just getting to me. Maybe I'm PMS'ing, maybe I'm tired of climbing over the baby gate that we have up to keep the kids out of the kitchen. Maybe I'm just lazy. And I don't know what bothers me the most. That it's everytime I go to sit down OR that I'm not thinner from running around gophering.
I occasionally work at UofD in their Graphic Communications Dept. And I get so excited when I get to go into work & eat my dinner there. I've told my coworkers this & they chuckle. One in particular asked me why I like eating dinner at work. I told her it's because I actually get to sit and eat in peace. How pathetic.

In unrelated blogging conversation.....I'd like to send this question out into the void. Sort of a little quiz. Can anyone tell me what the common thread is between most of my post titles? Should be pretty easy to figure out.

And Bry, no chiming in on this one. And you know I'll know if you did or not - so stay away from commenting.

4 ripples in the pond:

chunky monkey said...

I would have to say song titles as I can recognise a couple. Of course I know "Ants Marching".

Jon said...

Alex, my buzzer must not be working, cause I was trying to buzz in to totally say that, but Chunky Monkey beat me. I'd like someone to look at my buzzer, please.

Tabba said...

Maybe it's your thumb, Jon ;) Did you loose it feeding a shark at the aquarium?

Tabba said...

Well, since I've gotten no other takers on the 'quiz'. Yes, it is song titles or lyrics. Easy peasy. 'Ants Marching' was a dead give away.