Dinner Conversation Between Bryan & I On Saturday

*Why no one takes us seriously. Whenever we say something people are like, 'yeah, ok.' But when someone else says the exact same thing a few months later, it's prophetic, law and of biblical proportions.

*We're getting worn out.

*The trashy/redneck/slutty people walking in the door. Which makes me wonder, what were they thinking/saying about us??

*The deserts on the menu. We did this several times.

*Cartoons. As a regular part of conversation. Which we decided was a bad, bad sign.

*How one of the waitresses he recognized as an offender's girlfriend or something.

*The HUGE ASS beers we ordered were a mistake. Seriously, these things were so heavy I could barely lift the mug.

*We contemplated turning off the cell phone, leaving the restaurant and not going back to pick up the kids. And see if anyone notices.

*How cold I was in the restaurant.

*The food, briefly. But we were so hungry, it wasn't worth discussing. We were content to make ourselves look like lions during and after a kill.

We're just so exciting. I consider us both to be pretty intelligent. But this conversation from dinner isn't an example of the more witty/funny/smart things we're capable of talking about. I blame it on being absolutely exhausted and famished.
Can you tell I'm running low on blogging fodder. I have a lot, actually. It's just I need time to get it together.

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