Coming In From The Cold

Gracie orchestrated her first tea party today. Not one of your more common milestones. I understand. But having a girl is such a different experience/journey than having a boy. I got so much joy today, out of sitting with my baby girl, pretending to drink the tea she 'prepared' for me. Sweet simplicity.
Thank you, Gracie. Thank you for bringing me back down to where I want to be. Thank you for inspiring me everyday. Your sweetness of spirit, your love for life, your love of loving others feeds my soul. You are my hero. Thank you for making me feel like me again. Thank you for distracting me from that which isn't worth my attention. Thank you for dancing with me while I listened to Erykah Badu's 'Appletree'. I've heard that song a million times & I can relate to it more and more everytime I hear it. I know you feel it too, sista.

Thank you for the tea and 'soul food' that you lovingly made for me today. It was delicious. You humble me.

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