I Got A Gnome In The Backyard. I Put It Right On The X-Mark.

I have been looking for a garden gnome. And believe it or not, have had a hard time finding one. At least, have had a hard time finding one that doesn't look like a garden gnome on meth. "Shhh. La lee La lee, Ice Head." Sorry, couldn't resist that little outburst.


Today, our day was packed with appointments, errands, action, adventure, meals, more errands, getting Connor on the bus, getting Connor off the bus.......you get the picture. After a long, weary day. We came home and found this guy. Quietly, eargerly awaiting the arrival of his new family. Much to my glee.

I used to hate them. But I admit, I cracked up each time they popped up in 'The Full Monty' and loved the storyline behind it in 'Amelie'.

He's just a wee one. I need to find him a suitable older brother.

3 ripples in the pond:

Maigh said...


See also: http://www.maigh.com/index.php?s=gnome

Freaky that I just found my traveling companion in my closet where he's apparently been hiding since I moved in April (?)...and have even drafted a post about it. Seriously. Spookalicious.

jen said...

aaaahhh....gnomes are excellent. love the little guy.

Tabba said...


Gnomes can be tricksy that way. Very spookalicious. Maybe your gnome & mine are in cahoots.....

They are excellent. And he's a def. a keeper ;)