Best Of All Possible Worlds

I've been waiting for the day when I will open my mailbox & find a package containing a substantial monetary gift bestowed upon us by some philanthropic benefactor. However, while I'm waiting for that, here is a random sampling of some other prizes I've found...........

*today: stuck in the soundhole in my stereo speaker: a matchbox car.
*a hairclip precariously clipped on to the underside of the bracket which holds our banister into the wall.

*various crumbs of snacks nibbled on by our kids in our bed. There's nothing like laying in bed & hearing 'cccrrruuuunnnccchhhh'.

*various blocks, matchbox cars & other kid paraphanalia hidden under our blankets/pillows.

*the other day: a penny in our toilet. I guess the kids thought this was a fountain/wishing well.

*a bottle of children's tylenol buried under my newspaper recycle pile. Clever. That one was clever.

*again, various toys/blocks buried in my sock drawer. I think I have a pack rat.

I'm sure there are others. But these are the ones that stick out most in my mind.
Damn kids.

Oh, and I've found 4 Ravioli children who stashed themselves away in a dog crate at the inlaw's. They're not all our Raviloli's........2 are ours.......the other 2, our neices.

5 ripples in the pond:

slackermommy said...

Why is it kids love playing dog crates? My kids love getting in those disgusting things. One of mine even cuddled up and took a nap with our dog.

Tabba said...

I know! It's so disgusting, isn't it? Ugh. Oh well. Atleast they weren't inspecting an electrical outlet with a butter knife, right???

God, I'm a horrible mom!

Jon said...

I did the electrical socket investigation thing when I was younger, but with a fork. And I turned out ok. kinda.

jen said...

just found your blog and think it's hilarious. that photo is too funny...and so are you.

Tabba said...

Jon - you 'did' turn out ok. In my book, anyway.

Jen - thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you comment again soon