Natural Beauty

Few people are truly enthusiastic about what they do. Few people actually get to do what they love to do and what they are passionate about. And when you see someone who truly does love what they do, are living their dream and are beyond enthusiastic you have to stop and say, "Wow. Good on ya. That's wonderful and amazing."

I have felt a sadness that I can't describe upon hearing that Steve Irwin passed away. Bryan & I were watching the tribute to Steve Irwin on Animal Planet yesterday. And we both sat there shaking our heads and going, "Hm. I can't believe it. I still can't believe it. How unbelieveably sad." I feel bad for saying at one point, "Well, you knew with him, it was just a matter of time." How many people can die that way. Living every moment to the fullest while living their dream?

I don't usually get overly emotional when celebs die. But this was different. I feel for Terri, Bindi and Bob. I feel for Australia Zoo. I feel for all of his workmates. I feel for all of those animals who got used to Steve caring for them, fighting for them, and educating the world about them.

He leaves behind a legacy that will not be easy to fill, he leaves behind a family to try to pick up where he has left off, he leaves behind a zoo and the animals in it that won't know what to do without him, he leaves behind droves of fans that will miss hearing him yell, "Crickey! Take a look at this little beauty. Isn't she gorgeous?" And of course, "Crocs Rule!"
I felt that I had to post this to get it out. Soon, this will be 'old news'. And I had to acknowledge the sadness that I feel today - and everyday since I heard the news.

Steve, wherever you are, "YOU RULE!" and you'll be sadly missed.

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