The Boxer

What do you do when ridiculousness takes over? When you've each receded into your corners. But the bell hasn't rung for you both to re-enter the ring. And truth-be-told, you don't even want to be in the ring. But there it is. You're there and there they are there. A move must be made. Who makes it? Do you let the the bell (fate/time/the infinite) decide? Do you sit there, wiping away the blood, the words, the sweat, the guilt, the shame, the anger? And just wait? Or do you take matters into your own hands and walk out there. Knowing you could be a lamb to the slaughter. Knowing you could be defeated and rejected. The fact that you have to put up a front and pretend to fight. Can't they see it? Can't the opponent see you don't want to do it? It was somehow, someway a huge misunderstanding. And you thought you both started off on the same side. But somehow ended up going toe-to-toe. The battle is as much mentally exhausting as physically. All of the questions. All of the guessing. You feel beat up. You beat yourself up as much as they have beat you up.
You decide to take the shot. Early. And the response is not good. The opponent is stunned. But you figured that if you're both in the ring, on opposite sides that you were engaged. You were wrong, somehow. It sounded like a fight. It looked like a fight. But somehow it wasn't. But it really was. It was a sucker punch followed by a big hug and a 'good job'. No wonder there's confusion. Fight or flight kicked in. You decided to fight. No, not even a fight. A solid stance of defense.
No one will leave the ring. It's stalled. The crowd is dispersing. They're no longer interested. And yet you have to wrap this up. How? It's not a matter of 'right' or 'wrong'. Winner or loser. You want to walk away with understanding that somehow you both made a mistake. Yes, you both walked into that ring. You both engaged each other. But you can see in their eyes there will be no resolution just because you want it. It will be on their terms.
You decide then that the fight isn't worth it. You turn to leave, and take the defeated walk of shame. With your head held high. And proud that you backed down from something so ridiculous. Let them have the 'W' (win).

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