Guilty Pleasure

So, I'm sitting here running through everything that has transpired on and off my blog and feeling sick. It sucks. But oh well. Que cera, cera. Or however you spell it. I was panicking all day on what to blog about next. How do I follow "A Little Respect"? Well, I don't know. But I heard something on a guilty pleasure TV show of mine and thought, 'this is it'.
So, my guilty pleasure is watching 'Dog the Bounty Hunter'. I love it. I eat that shit up. I love everything about it. Dog reminds me a bit of my dad - the whole intimidating persona, but just a cool guy. I love Leyland and his quiet bad-assedness. But most of all, I love Beth. I love her big, brass balls. Her courage, everything about her. As we speak, there's a 'best of' type show on. Showcasing certain cases, etc. There was a montage on Beth. And at the very beginning, Dog was talking about her. He said this next quote & I couldn't have heard something I can relate to at a better time. And it made me feel better. I thought it appropriate to share here. Dog said, "Beth can be really hard on people. But when she really cares for people, she shows her heart of gold." Amen & Hallelujah, Dog. Thanks. I really needed to hear something like that. I know he wasn't talking to me or about me. But it hit home. And it seems to fit. G'night & Godspeed.

3 ripples in the pond:

Bryan said...

Yeah, that's what I love about Beth, her big brass....balls. Ha Ha Ha, I'm such a pig. Howzit Sista?

Pippajo said...

Oh. My. Lord. The Viking and I decided just three days ago to be Dog and Beth for Halloween. I love watching that show! I just about jumped outa my seat when I clicked on your link and saw that pic!

You made my day. Seriously.

Tabba said...

Aww, good. Glad I could please :)
What a great idea for Halloween, Sista!
My favorite line of Beth's is: "I try to be all nice and then people want to bow up and have a brawl." I love, love, love her!
She's the cat's pajama's.