You're A Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder

A few months ago, I purchased a Playstation game for Connor for $19.99. It was Lego Star Wars. I figured, it was a game where you run around building things out of Lego's & they happen to be StarWars related. I knew Connor would enjoy it. Well, the game is crazy addicting. At night, Ravioli & I would hurry the kids off to sleep, make some snacks & sit down to play hours of Lego StarWars. We're pathetically geeky. Well, we were all heartbroken when we completed the game. Connor, from time to time, would still play. But it just wasn't the same.
In the early summer, Ravioli heard rumors that a new Lego StarWars game was to be released - based on the original trilogy. Sweeeeeeeet. So, on Tuesday September 12th, Lego StarWars II was released. Much to our glee. As was the routine with Lego StarWars I. Ravioli & I play every chance we get. As does Connor.

Today, while I was away, shuttling Grace to school, the boys (Ravioli & Connor) were home, playing Lego StarWars together. They had just started up the game & Connor says to Ravioli, "What level are we going to next? Where are we going?" Ravioli says, "To the Ice Planet." Connor says, "You mean Hoth?" How freaking coolishly geeky is that?!?! I revel in the fact that Connor enjoys StarWars, Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter as much as we do. It's so awesome to hear him ask about Frodo & Gandalf the Gray/Gandalf the White.

And I about blew soda out my nose awhile back when eating lunch with Connor he asks me, "How many Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers are there?" Oh my goodness. Let me just tell you about DADA, Connor. You have NO idea.

And as many of you who have already heard this story.........I was a proud, mortified mommy in the grocery store when Connor referred to an unattractive older lady as an "Ugly Chewbacca". And I love hearing him, as he's sitting in his carseat in the car, talking into his sleeve calling out "Echo Base, this is Rogue 3. Do you read me?" - using his sleeve as his 'comlink' (I'm not sure I spelled that right). There are so many of these little Connor-isms.

Some parents would be a little aghast. But I love it. In fact, I encourage it. I mean, there are lines to be drawn. There are certain scenes of these movies that we skip through. But I believe that all of this is great for his imagination. And if it makes him feel good about himself, can it hurt?

Geeks of the world unite. There are young Padawans out there who need our guidance.

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Pippajo said...

Geeks Unite! Yes!

I, too, love to hear my kids get completely absorbed in some imaginary fantasy world. My Girl has been really into HP for a long time. She has a wand, two full costumes, went as Hermione for Halloween one year. We threw her a HP birthday party one year that was to die for, and we always go see the movies on the first day they're released. Once she and I dressed in full Hogwarts uniforms to see the movie.

Right now, My Boy is into Star Wars big time. We had a family movie night a few months ago where we pulled a mattress into the living room, made a big comfy bed on the floor and had a Star Wars marathon. We watched Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi one right after the other. The kids had never seen them and they were in awe!

That was the best thing we ever did as a family, I think.

So, yeah, we've been known to geek out on that stuff, too. I don't know why, but I think it's really important and good for kids.

Keep it up!