Harvest Moon

I love this weather. I love the new crispness that is in the air. T-shirt and jeans weather. That's my uniform. Always has been. I'm sad to see the summer go. I don't get desperate for it until January. But I love the Autumn. I love sleeping with the windows open. I love snuggling up to my Ravioli (man-meat, Bry) on these chilly nights. I know that Autumn is not completely here yet. We'll probably get a few more days of warm temps. But I love these preview days. It gets me in the mood for apples, pumpkins and the beautiful foliage.
As a little Autumn side-note the kids (well, Connor) is getting all amped up for Halloween. He wants to be a StormTrooper. Great. I have no problem with him being a StormTrooper. It's finding a StormTrooper costume that will fit him. I did a little 'window shopping' online & found one his size for $60, which does not include shipping. I don't know if I want to splurge that much. As soon as Halloween was over last year, that's all he's talked about. Getting a StormTrooper costume. I'll probably buckle & buy the blasted thing.

I'm attempting to make Gracie's costume. I got a pattern to make her the infamous blue gingham dress that will transform her into Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. I've never sewn clothing before beyond buttons & hems and popped seams. Quilting? No problem. Making my own design for a quilt? No problem. But looking at this pattern & trying to comprehend it. Problem. I have issues with reading directions anyway. I'm a visual person. Show me how to do something, it's downloaded into my permanent files. But me try to read something & figure it out on my own. Bad. Really bad. We'll see how this turns out. Wish me (and Gracie) luck. I hope she doesn't look totally ridiculous. This reminds me of the Cosby episode where Theo wanted this designer shirt, but it was too much $. So, Denise convinces him that she can sew a shirt to look exactly like it. And the thing was hideous. One arm was way long, one shoulder was puffy, the collar was all askew. Anyway.......I've rambled into a ridiculous tirade.

4 ripples in the pond:

Maya's Granny said...

I used to have trouble picturing in my head how a pattern would turn out, and then my step-father had me call the reference librarian and find out how long the pattern company had been in business (in 1954, Butterick had been in business a loooong time) and then he asked, "would they still be in business if their patterns didn't work?" and so I just did what it said, and it worked.

Tabba said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I need it!!

Pippajo said...

Fall is my FAVORTIE time of year, hands down! I love, love, love it and go a little bonkers each year at this time.

We've already started our Halloween prep here too. I know you saw what me and The Viking are being (still makes me giggle), but I've also got to get working on a lady pirate costume for My Girl and My Boy keeps vacilating between Robin Hood or a Cowboy.

Keep us posted on the costume progress and I'll try to do the same.

Tabba said...

Sounds good. I'm glad to hear others' fondness for this time of year. I've woken up this morning totally in the mood to do a bunch of baking. Weird. I'm all amped up. My mums look so festive outside & I can't wait to start decorating for Fall. Yiiippppeeee!
Thanks for the encouragement regarding the costume. This morning I got the 'bib' part of the dress cut out & the skirt parts as well. And Bry was kind enough to pitch in & help read the pesky pattern directions.
I'll keep you all posted.