Welcome To The Cruel World

I'm biting off of everyone today, it seems. I wanted to leave a comment on slackermommy's blog regarding a post about children crying wolf & when we need to listen to them, but figured my readers might enjoy this story as once again, it makes me look like an ass. And I'm damn good at making myself look like one.
In April - scratch that - In about mid-to-late-March, I noticed Connor didn't 'look right'. He was doing some strange stuff. He kept asking us to carry him up the steps (which he never has done) and some other weird stuff I can't remember. He had gotten sick at one point, and I just figured he had the evil stomach bug that was running rampant at the time. Then 2 weeks, later, he wakes up in the middle of the night. Vomitting. He went to sleep. Woke up. Vomitted. This continued until about 9 a.m. or so. Where by that time, he had nothing to bring up. I was getting angry at him because he refused to hurl in the trash can . Instead he would hurl all over my bed, the carpet. Basically, anywhere but the trash can. I kept yelling at him to "Throw up in the trash can!! Mommy is getting so angry!" A bit later Gracie & I were sitting at the computer, surfing, stalking and Connor's rolling around on the couch. Moaning like an animal. Gracie & I looked over at him. She looked up at me. I looked at her, shrugged my shoulders, said, "He's sick." And went on stalking on the internet. At one point Connor says, "Mommy. This hurts!" I said, "What hurts? Your tummy?" He said, "No! This! Hurts!" So I walk over to him and say, "Show me what hurts." He says, "This!!!" And points to his right side. I point to other areas of his abdomen where he tells me "No!!!! This!!!! Over here!!! It hurts!!!!" All the blood drained out of my body. I knew what it was. I called the pediatrician, the nurse says to take him ASAP to the local children's hospital. By that time he was so out of it and in so much pain. I felt absolutely horrible. Poor kid. So, we get in the ER, wait around, take an ultrasound, and he's wheeled in for an appendectomy. No big deal. I mean, there's a potential for a big deal. But it was taken care of & all.
So that's it. That's the story. I nominate myself for Mother-of-the-Year.
All wounds heal with time.

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Maigh said...

Honey, you couldn't have known, and believe me - every parent has a story like this.

The humility with which you're reflecting on the situation shows what a wonderful human (and mommy!) you are.

slackermommy said...

Don't be so hard on your self although it did make a great post. Appendicitis doesn't always present with right sided pain so it's easy to think it's just a stomach bug. I'm a nurse and when my kids get belly pain and vomiting I'm always like "is it or isn't it?"

You will have to fight me for Mother Of The Year. Remember I almost decapitated my daughter TWICE?

Tabba said...

HAHAHA! Ok, you get "Mother of the Year' I get, 2nd runner up;)

Pippajo said...

Okay, first I almost freaked out cause I read too fast and thought this just happened...then I slowed down...

I am SO GLAD your sweet babe is fine! I always fear the dreaded appendicitis whenever my kids start bellyaching.

When I was 7 I broke my leg and my mother didn't believe me (I was NOTORIOUS for crying wolf) and made me try to walk on it for about 6 hours before finally taking me to the ER. And see? I turned out okay. I don't hate her. Too much. Just kidding.