Last night & today (so far) have been beyond weird. Here's what I've seen that has me questioning whether really I am awake or if I'm still in bed, dreaming away in the delicious softness that is my bed:

~watching The First 48 with my man-meat. Our neighbor's dogs start to bark. So does Scout. We look outside to see a lady walking across our neighbor's yard. No biggie. Then about 1/2 hour later or so, we see the lady accompanied by a gentleman, talking loudly - having words - with neighbors across the street. Now, keep in mind, it's after 9 p.m., it's pouring it's ass off. Bry jumps in the car and follows them down the street. They are ladden with cleaning supplies, plastic bags & other weird articles. As Bry proceeds down our street, he sees this weird couple going up to various doors, talking to people. And sees farther down the street a County Cop. Ok, so something is going on....but what? The weird couple didn't solicit every door. As they did not come to our house or our neighbors on the other side of us. Bryan sees the County cop a bit later, go down our street. He jumps back in the car, goes down there, identifies himself as a Law Enforcement Officer, tells them about this shady couple. The policeman informs my man-meat that he's looking for them. That they're up to something. That's the end of that. Apparently, this couple was selling 'cleaning supplies'. Yeah, ok. Selling cleaning supplies. 9 o'clock at night. In the pouring rain. OOooooookkaaayyyy.
Bry wanted me to add here that because he's a Law Enforcement Officer that that is why he followed the strange couple.

~Today, 1:10p.m. Got Connor on the bus & was heading out to do some grocery shopping. I head outside, swap cars around & am taking my in-law's truck that the were kind of enough to lend us. As I'm making my way outside, I see this huge SUV, driving slowly down my street. I just happen to look up & see a guy driving and a female performing a b-to-the-j on him. I was stunned, sick and aghast. I come in, tell Bry & he says to try to get the tag. I jump in the truck, look in the rearview mirror, and here they come (no pun intended) AGAIN! I pull over to the side of the street, pick up the cell, call Bry, tell him they're making their way down the street. He instructed me to call the police. They drive by me, she's still doing her 'job'. And turn around. To head back down the street. Unbelieveable. By this time, I'm on the phone with dispatch, give them the location, vehicle description and tag #. She then asks for descriptions of the people. I said, "Well, from what I can see of the female she appears to be caucasian. But I can really only see her hair/head. " I mean, the entire course of the conversation is one that I never thought I'd hear myself having. I explain what the man looks like. Confirm my address, my number & hang up. Seriously though, WTF?? They can't find some other place to go? Was it the thrill of doing it around where people can see? Whatever it is, I don't want to know. But they need help. Bry would like me to add something here: we live not far from an area known for prostitution. He wanted me to clarify that we don't just call the police for nothing.

~I saw the 'cab' part of a tractor trailer with a satellite dish. Yes, a satellite dish. Has anyone else seen this? Have I been living under a rock too long? I've seen shacks with huge satellite dishes in the Bahamas and thought that was pretty funny. But this took the cake.

~I said 'excuse me' or 'I'm sorry' for being in people's way in the grocery store like 50 million times today. Only two people could come up with a response. And what is funny is that these people are the same ones that complain that no one has manners anymore. Guess why? I hold doors open for people, I say 'excuse me', I say 'please' and 'thank you'. And nothing. Nada. You know what, I've decided to walk through stores and be an asshole. I'll see how many people have words for me then.

~(added on)Connor gets off the bus yesterday (Thursday) and tells me that, "Larry says he's gonna get me dead." Larry is a kid on his bus & I believe they are classmates, as well. You can look at this kid and see he'll either be on Cops or America's Most Wanted. I don't mean to sound like that. But I call 'em like I see 'em. Now, Connor is no angel. But for him to come home and tell me that another 4/5 year old is saying he's going to 'get Connor dead' is very disturbing. I'm trying not to be one of 'those' moms. But I also pride myself on being a concerned, proactive parent. So again, WTF?????

I believe that I experienced some more weirdness, but there was so much, I can't remember it all at this moment. If it comes to me, I'll have to add it on.

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Anonymous said...

Being you were at the grocery store, was anyone 'waiting' for you?


Tabba said...

Hahaha! No, I didn't go to 'that' grocery store today. I went yesterday....and I went in the other door!!

slackermommy said...

Damn girl, that's crazy shit!

Jon said...

Ok, about the b-to-the-j: I just got the new SUV, and was nervous about showing it to you guys. So when this girl offered her 'services', saying she needed the money cause her door-to-door cleaning products salesperson job went bust, I figured I could hit two birds with one load..er, stone. Relax about showing you my new SUV, while also helping the local economy. It wasn't supposed to take three laps around the block, though - I though 3 laps period would do the trick. But then this cop showed up and impounded the SUV and took me to the station for questioning, so I never did get to drop by and say hello :)

And about this kid messing with Conner-man: If Larry needs to be made an offer he can't refuse, just say the word.