Misty Morning

I've been thinking about the inevitable 9/11 post for the past few days. And, like many things in my life right now, there's so much and so little to say.
What can I possibly say today, that hasn't already been said? I do want to honor the day. I do. But I just don't how to give this anniversary it's proper due.
Obviously, we are forever changed by the events of that day. That day will always remind me of static and silence.
The thing that bothers me, today, about 9/11 is that we haven't come as far as I'd like - as a country - in response to that day. And this day should be a reminder that we are not that far removed from what we are fighting against. We have actually used 9/11 as an excuse and as a path of least resistance. You may not understand me when I say that. Because going to war doesn't seem like a 'path of least resistance' does it? When I say that, I mean we as a country, are content to say, "We're putting up a fight. We've invaded. We're at war. We're kicking ass. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED." But that's not necessarily the solution. so, the path of least resistance is that we're sitting back on our haunches, fighting a ridiculous war. Wasting lives, and resources. Because it makes us feel like we're doing something. We've actually moved backward in our thinking since that day.
What we should be thinking about today is how the passengers on Flight 93 saw what was happening and decided to take a stand. They had a job to do. The same with all of the rescue workers and first responders. They had a job to do. It was a matter of life and death.
9/11 should still light a fire in our bellies. We should be standing up for right. And not throw blind faith at a President who builds our "freedom" based on his "Democracy"of earnings/profits, good ole boyism, lies, oil, terror tactics on his own people, and false wars. This is insanity. Abraham Lincoln said, "At what point should we expect the approach of danger? Never." He knew that no outside enemy was a threat. But that the bigger threat was that we would destroy ourselves from within. How true is that? Think about it.
We're content to let the smoke and ash of those buildings, planes, people and fields settle. And forget that we, as humans should be pulling together - for each other. Locally. Globally. For all of humanity.
I hate to say that I feel ambivolent about 9/11 - or writing about it for that matter. But I feel sad that we, as a country, can't see the mistakes we're making in regards to truly honoring what happened that day. It's already becoming too dull of a sensation. Instead, let's worry about which actress is too skinny, or which cyclist is doping. Or baseball player for that matter. Which "star" can dance. Let's feel like we're vindicating all of those victims of 9/11 by going to war, unjustly, and killing thousands - hundreds of thousands more. Because that makes sense.
Let's give 9/11 and it's victims their due. Let's say they did not die in vain.
Say a prayer, give lots of hugs today. Be humble. Be thankful. Be inspired by the bravery, the acts of humanity, and the redemption that comes from doing what is right.
I wish peace and love for all today. And I will walk quietly in the parking lot as I take my daughter to her first day of preschool on September 11th.

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