Ah, my dear rabid readers. Have I kept you pining for more long enough?? HAHA. I think this is the longest break I've taken in my short blogging 'career'.
This weekend has been absolutely crazy. I'm exhausted from physical activity. We've been painting, getting the yard in order and chasing after our two wee ones.
Last night, my mom was kind enough to watch C & G for roughly 2 hours while Bry and I gorged ourselves at a local steak joint. MMmmmm, read meat, good.
This morning started off with a delicious breakfast lovingly made by moi of 2 asparagus, cheese and sausage omelettes w/ toast & bacon for my man-meat & I.
Today we worked our buns off in the yard (well, I worked my buns off in the yard & bry worked hard putting together a new grill).
We just got done with our second coat of paint on the wall going up our steps & next I have to finish the trim - not tonight.
More posting tomorrow. Hopefully about something that matters. Tootles.

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