This morning I had a special treat. The kids were still sleeping, so I got to sit and watch The Today Show for about a whopping 5 minutes. During that 5 minutes, I saw a segment on Baby Boomers and the dreaded mid-life crisis. However, this segment was directed towards women who have a "Mid-wife" crisis and have found 'enlightenment'. They are pursuing all of those things that they didn't in their twenties and finding new-found strength, abilities, passions, etc.
Is it a little scary that I'm almost 28 and think that I've been having a mid-life crisis for the past 5 years?? I could relate to more of that segment than I care to acknowledge.
I guess it's just as I've feared I've known. I'm really an old, blue-haired lady stuck in a "young" body. Bummer. That would explain my affection for swing-dancing, the 40's, early breakfasts at diners, and quilting.
Jeez, I'm so weird.

5 ripples in the pond:

Bryan said...

AHA!! I have been finding a lot of little blue hairs on the toilet seat lately, and was wondering who they belonged to. Mystery solved!!Elementary, my dear Watson.

Tabba said...

wrong, Bry. SOOOO wrong. At least my boobs aren't saggy. Unlike someone's sack.

bryan said...

sacks are meant to sag. Particularly when you have big brass balls, like I do.

chunky monkey said...

Actually I read something a while back about Gen X'ers and what they have are quarter life crisis's. It happens sometime in the mid to late 20's. They're done school, don't know what to do with themselves. They don't see themselves surpassing their parents as every other generation had. Just basically everything is in question, they feel lost, the whole deal. It sucks to go through. But it'll be ok.

Tabba said...

Bry, can you say: Ball Tuck??

Di, I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one!!!