From One Goober To Another

The Ravioli & I don't have a lot of people we call 'friends'. People we see often, talk about 'surface' stuff with. Filler people basically. People who place themselves around you for the parties, the beer, the good-times. But are scarce to find during the not-so-pleasant. And since, with two small children, we don't have much of a social life, that works out well for us.
Instead, we are blessed with a handfull of GreatFriends. They are there through thick and thin. We may go months without talking. But we think of each other everyday & when we do speak again, we pick up right where we left off.
Tonight, we had the pleasant surprise of a spur-of-the-moment, drive-by visit from our GreatFriend and Godfather to our children, Jon. He has moved away from the great state of Delawhere to the city of Baltimore. He has been there for almost 2 years. Boldly going where no Jon B___ has gone before. I admire his courage to try something that some only think about trying. I admire him for always giving things an honest go and for testing himself in new & exciting ways. He thrills us with his stories of danger & adventure and we bore him with stories of the kids.
What you have to understand about Jon is the ability to weave a tale of humdrum into the tale of excitement, comedy and mad-capped escapades. It is a gift. A gift that I truly didn't appreciate until the birth of Gracie-goo.
Gracie, obvioulsy, was my second delivery. And I was expecting to go home after one-night's stay. However, the doc suddenly discovered her to have jaundice (total BS) and they wouldn't send me home. I was freakin'-frackin' determined I was not spending one more night in that hospital.
Jon was visiting with us & it started getting pretty late (as far as the hospital was concerned). My 2nd shift nurse came in & said she hadn't gotten in touch with the doc. It looked like I was staying another night. I burst into tears (I was all hormonal). She had a heart & said she would try again to get in touch with him. End scene - Enter Jon
Jon leaves my room & goes out to speak with the nurse. He concocts this story that, 'all of my family were waiting at home to throw us a 'welcome home, welcome Gracie' party. They were all waiting for us, as they heard we would be coming home. And how disappointed they would all be if they had to leave. Then he threw in - just for good measure - that his sister (or his friend?) had a baby who was jaundiced, but that they sent them home with biliblankets. Gracie wasn't that jaundiced. Couldn't they just send us home with a biliblanket?' The nurse is touched by this, gets the doc on the phone & I am discharged at 9:45 p.m.
I was ecstatic! Yay for Jon! He made his bones the night he sprung me from the hospital.

Jon has been at just about any major event that we have celebrated. He was there shortly after the birth of both of our babies, he was in our wedding, he is the Godfather to both of our children.
He is good to tell us when we're acting like asses, but remind us we're still awesome.
He constantly extends himself above and beyond. And I know that if we ever needed to, we could call him for anything.
May The Force Be With You, Jon.

2 ripples in the pond:

jen said...

we should all be blessed with friends such as yours. it's such a blessing to have fostered such strong bonds with a few people who you know would stand up for you, no matter what. most of our friends live long distance - i know how much i miss a local community. terrific post.

Jon said...

Aww, that'sa nice. PS ladies of the Blogosphere: If you're looking for a Star Wars dork who's also a fantastic liar in the Greater Baltimore area . . . um, wait. nevermind ;)

You rule, Tab, thanks to the Ravioli Clan for being so awesome.