The End Of The Innocence

I need clarity. I need to know why we live in a world that has all but lost it's humanity. The shootings that took place in Lancaster Co. yesterday have me shaken. We don't live all that far from Lancaster Co. It's not 5 mins away, but it's not so far removed, either.
We pass through Lancaster when we visit with my mom's side of the family. I know where that schoolhouse is. My family is considered 'Pennsylvania Dutch' just because of our German heritage - and living in Pennsylvania. My family is by no means 'Amish'. But there are some core values that, I believe, in the older generations are similar.
I can't stand to hear of any cruelties against human or animal. I think I'm pretty normal as far as that goes. But when I think of young, totally innocent children being shot - execution style - I cannot wrap my mind around what could possibly push someone to commit something so monsterous. The innocence of that culture is completely shattered.
I just can't find it within myself to post much more about this. In some weird way, I feel too close to this.

These pictures I took on a weekend trip to Lancaster in November of '00. This is NOT the schoolhouse that was involved.....

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Pippajo said...

I share your feelings. I was going to post about this today, but felt completely inadequate to do it justice.

I don't usually cry watching the news, but I cried last night looking at all those stoic men in their somber clothes sitting grouped together.

I guess having an 11-year-old daughter brings it home a little more too. What kind of person could execute a child? It doesn't get more cold-blooded than that.

I've lost children, but not at the hands of another person, not due to someone else's evil. This, I cannot imagine.

Tabba said...

I agree. It just is beyond words. A good friend of mine - her husband is an ER doc here at Christiana and got one of the little girls.......it just brings it that much closer to home.