Mothers Be Good To Your Daughters

I love my daughter.
Really I do. BUT she is 2 years, 3 months. Need I say more????? She is yelling -no not even yelling. She sounds like a demon. With this throaty roar "Noooooooo. Don't want it!'
or "Mines!!!!!" "NOOOO, Daddy!" She is picking fights with her brother, she won't have anything to do with Ravioli. She won't eat, she is throwing things, pushing us - literally - pushing us out of the way, hitting and list goes on and on.
Her frustration level is off the charts. As is mine. I'm losing my will to remain calm. I want to scream back at her. But really, what is that going to solve?
And not only that -
she has been a mommy's girls since birth. I'm trying to relinquish some of the attention and let daddy take the wheel. She's not having it. But if I continue to jump in to save Ravioli & Gracie, it just feeds her little fire. It will not solve the problem in the long run for anyone.
The behavior, attitudes and habits of a barely-three-foot tall person is shaking the foundation of this family to the core.
How could I have forgotten in 2 years, how to handle a 2 year old?
In fact, I didn't.
I hate to say this - being all feminist & all about equality - but it's because she's a girl. I'm not saying Connor didn't have his moments. But it's NOTHING, nothing compared to the shit-storm a 2 year old little girl will inflict.
Ugh. I can't give up. I can't.
Are any of you out there dealing with this same disease?? The plight of a having a 2 year old daughter??


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jen said...

good god, tab. yes. yes. yes.

you need to come over for a liter of bloody mary's so we can commiserate.

Tabba said...

Yes, an uprising is in order, Jen. We can put our heads together and triumph over this beast!

Pippajo said...

Let me just tell you about 11-year-old daughters!

On second thought, let me not cause you're frustrated enough already.

I don't know how My Girl escaped without getting grounded this weekend. She was a little monster! She argued with EVERYTHING I said, snapped at her brother, sulked at The Viking, snotted around the house for 2 days and then BORROWED MY SHOES WITHOUT ASKING!

I don't think it ever gets easier, the battle sites just change.

Not really helping, am I?

Tabba said...

You are helping in that I know other people/families are doing battle too. I take comfort in your empathy and your mutual understanding.
I've always said that about Gracie - because she was such a good infant - that I knew her pre-teen/teen years are going to be horrible.
And based on how I was at that age, I know it's going to come back on me!
God, I hope not though!!

slackermommy said...

I hear ya, girl! There is definitely a difference between boys and girls. I fight WAY more with my girls and they are WAY more demanding. And whining! Did I mention whining? I'll join you and Jen for those bloody mary's.

Tabba said...

Sounds good! I always think better with some alchohol in me ;)!