The Promise

Ok, here's the deal. I have to finish Gracie's costume. Not much is left to be done, but this is when I need to pony up even more. Because I will say to myself over and over, "I have time. I have time." And well, I'm running out of time.
Also, I FINALLY have been awarded my grants so that I can return to school. As classes for the 2nd part of the semester begin on the 30th, I have to get in there and register. SO...........
If I'm short on blogging the above reasons are the reasons why.
However, everytime I say that I'll be short on blogging, it seems I have even more to say. But I'm thinking I have to step away from the computer in order to get these things done.
Hopefully I can juggle it all in appropriate ways so as not to upset my blogging schedule!

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