Nine Weird Things You Should Know About Me

Slackermommy tagged me for a meme. For whatever reason, this one was hard. I know that I am weird. So, picking just 9 things should've been easy. However, I had to call on Ravioli to help me narrow it down a bit.

1) (just like Slackermommy) I am a serial picker (pimples, cradle cap, ear wax). I just can't help myself & felt very relieved when I read someone else is like this as well.

2) I can only eat eggs with toast. I saw George Carlin live in 1996 . He was doing this bit about eggs being liquid chickens. Ever since then, I cannot eat eggs without toast.

3) I wake up singing songs that I haven't heard in years. And they're weird songs at that.

4) I 'play this game' inside of my head (since I was a little girl) whereby I'll pull apart a word I've just heard and make as many words as I can from the 'original' word.

5) I like the smell of bleach and gasoline.

6) I get freaked out when walking down bleachers. I have a fear of heights & I always feel like I'm going to tumble down, out of control when walking down bleachers.

7) I enjoy operating heavy equipment (Bobcat's especially.....but things like tractors, forklifts, etc). My life will not be complete until I OWN my very own Bobcat.

8) As stated before, I am a music Nazi. As Ravioli says, I have a disdain for music that "I" don't like.

9)Read this and pick one to insert to #9. I can't think. There are just too many weird things.

8 ripples in the pond:

slackermommy said...

This was a hard meme but after reading everyone's I would have to say that I take the cake on weird.

beenzzz said...

Walking down bleachers freaks me out too. Liquid chickens? That's gross. I hope I can eat an egg again.

Momish said...

OMG! The bleacher thing is so real! I have visions of my body all twisted and contorted lying at the bottom. So, I inch down them one step at a time like a toddler who just learned how to walk. Too funny! And the head games with the words? We must be twins!

Cece said...

Ok, the chicken/egg reference just grossed me out. *lol* Thank goodness I'm an eggwhite only eater, too.

Tabba said...

Whew, so it's not just me!

"I inch down them one step at a time like a toddler..."
That is SOOOO me. Ravioli makes fun of me whenever I have to toddle down the bleachers. It really does freak me out.

And I was hestitant to put the egg thing out there - because it is just that gross. Damn George Carlin!

jen said...

tab...if you are weird then the whole world is crazy. i'd prefer to call you quirky and delicious.

Oh, The Joys said...

I am such a picker. My husband makes so much fun of me for it, but draws the line when I try to pick some hangnail or whatever on my children.

Tabba said...

Jen - Quirky?....ABSOLUTELY! I LOVE it!

Oh the joys - my husband always rolls his eyes when he sees me coming at him. He says the only time I 'touch' him is to pick....The kids get pretty sick of me picking at them...I try to control it! I really do!