Tide Is High. But I'm Moving On.

I thank you all for your kind words during this trying, monthly time. You all put a smile on my face (Jen, Pippa, Jon, Hev). Thank you.
I just want to say this: I took Jen's advice. We managed to get the kids to bed early. I poured myself a TALL pint of Guinness (got a good buzz going, by-the-way), got a comfy blanky & watched 'Casablanca'.

The storm has passed.
I repeat.
The storm has passed.

Thanks for weathering it with me.

3 ripples in the pond:

Jon said...

Casablanca is my favorite movie - good choice. Although it's not fair to compare across genres, I'd say it even eclipsed Star Wars for me a few years back. Which is kinda blasphemous, I know :)

Oh, and to further your good cheer, you should know I'm expecting a FedEx today with some tickets in it . . .

Tabba said...


Bry actually watched it with me. Not sure if he enjoyed it or not. Either way, it is one fine movie.

jen said...

tabba dabba...GOOD FOR YOU. hugs.