Once A Man And Twice A Child

After my parents divorced, my mom remained single for many years. I remember once asking her at a young, tender age: "Mom, why haven't you gotten remarried?" She replied, "If I wanted another baby, I would've had one." I remember sitting there baffled by this, because, a man is a man. He can take care of himself. He is capable. He is mature. He is adult.
Psah. As if.
I have now come to know just what my mother was talking about. And it is infuriating. Here is a new quote/motto - whatever you'd like to call it which I have adopted:

'he who sits on his own ass while his wife slaveth away is deserveth of sideways glances, slanted eyes, glares and any profanity she throweth his way.'

I am not about to be dominated by anyone. I am not about to be in servitude to anyone either. If that means some people say 'she wears the pants in that family.' Then, so be it. This isn't 1954. It's 2006. My sisters before me didn't fight for me to wait all-a-flutter to clean up after any damn man. No matter how much I may love his lazy ass.
If the four of us contribute to a mess, than the four of us contribute to cleaning it.

So, ladies out there who have men that can do things without being asked, what is your secret? How do you get them to do that???? I've tried everything.

As a sidenote - I stand by this post & this one.........And Connor, in his infinite wisdom has taken cover at my mom's house this weekend. He's a smart boy. Wicked smart.

2 ripples in the pond:

jen said...

hmmmm. my sister is on fire. my .02 would be stay out of the way buddy, unless you are right there helping...whoa.

sweets, old movie, soft blanket, big glass of wine.

ps. thanks, sweets, for your oh so lovely words earlier. really.

Tabba said...

I know.....I'm terrible. I'm a raving, foaming-at-the-mouth lunatic.