One Little Slip

Tonight, I quickly let go of my patience. And over something pretty trivial. I had to run out to pick up a zipper, hook & eye fasteners and some interfacing for Gracie's costume.
I came out of the store to find a car parked ridiculously close to my car. I mean, to the point where I could not get in my vehicle. I stood there staring. People probably thought I was crazy as they were walking to their cars & see me standing there, just staring at these two cars. I didn't park all wonky in my parking spot. And when I pulled in my spot, that car was not there. I had to climb in my car through the passenger side.
Granted, in the whole big picture of things people could do to me, this was not a big deal. I know. I understand. All week I've been laughing stuff off. But this sent me on a note-writing rampage. Here is what the note said to the a$%hole who ticked me off this evening:

"I generally do not enjoy getting into my car by climbing through the passenger side. So, thank you for parking in a way that made that possible tonight. The level to which people can be an asshole never ceases to amaze me. So, thank you."

And in all honesty, they're lucky that's all they got out of me. Because I was teetering along the lines of bashing in their passenger side door w/ my driver side door. But I made progress tonight. I controlled my anger & did not lash out. One small step...........

I never claimed to be perfect. But I would not be me if I didn't get my Irish temper on every once-in-awhile, right?? Don't sweat the small stuff.....Yeah, Yeah. I know. I'm tryin'.

3 ripples in the pond:

Pippajo said...

You know what? There are times when I am very well aware that I've been wearing my ass as a hat and am just too tired or busy or in a hurry to fix it. And when people react pissy to me during those times, I own it. If I were to park like that next to someone and get a note like that in return, I think I would keep it!

That? Is just awesome. And I do not think you should do anything to prevent that from happening again in the future. In fact, you should hone your skills, maybe even have a stack of Post-Its ready with notes already on them for any occasion. Kind of like asshat citations.

Ravioli said...

asshole citations, I like that. That is a good idea. You should patent sell them.

Tabba said...

I LOVE it, Pippajo. Perhaps the post-it's should say on the top, something like: "You've been caught......" and then you can write being an asshat/asshole, bitch or whatever the case may be ;)