Just in case any of you are entranced & on the edge of your seat waiting for me to post about sewing, I figured I'd post about Gracie's "costume". Here is where I'm at so far:

This is the bodice (obviously) minus the sleeves - they are next up to be worked on.

This is to be the skirt. I haven't figured out the fine art of gathering. I thought this was to be the easier part of this little project. No. Not true. If any of you have tips on gathering, I'd love to hear them!

So, that's it. Can you handle the excitement??? I am proud, though. It's the first time I've sewn clothes. I guess I shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch. I have plenty of time to screw this up!

2 ripples in the pond:

jen said...

wait...is she a cat? no, wait, a butterfly...NO WAIT. I got it. what about the red shoes?

PS. FINALLY linked you today.

Tabba said...

Aaaah, my friend found the red shoes in the store the other day & was kind enough to pick them up for me. However, my lovely little shoe monger (Gracie) will go ape if she sees them before Halloween. So, I have to keep the shoes on the DL. After that, she can wear them as much as she wants.