Sunday Morning Warm & Fuzzies

Yesterday, I spent most of the day tagging along with my mom as she shopped. Which means Ravioli had our two heathens. After a morning with them rooting on their Uncle FatMarc at a local bike race, Ravioli & the kids are awaitng my return & winding down.
I return home & am unloading some groceries. Ravioli meets me in the kitchen and says, "I have to tell you this story."
And now I have to tell you:

Ravioli: "I was sitting at the computer and Connor was resting on the recliner under some warm blankies. And I hear Connor giggle, this weird giggle."
I immediately hear in my head Connor: devilishgiggle, devilishgiggle, devilishgiggle.
Ravioli: "So I'm sitting there thinking 'what is he doing'? So, I say to him, 'hey, buddy? what are you up to?"
Connor: devilishgiggle, devilishgiggle, devilishgiggle. "Daddy, I'm not playing with my penis."
Ravioli: "Buddy, stop playing with your penis."
Connor: devilishgiggle, devilishgiggle, devilishgiggle. "But I like to. It feels good."

Bry got great amusement out of this. I, too, chuckled. And really, it's normal. And I shouldn't make a huge deal out of it. But here's the thing: I'm not ready for this.
And as I'm sitting here typing this, I'm questioning myself & whether this is even appropriate to blog about or not. I can't wrap this post up in a neat, tidy little package. I just need to put it out there, in an effort to laugh it off.

3 ripples in the pond:

Pippajo said...

Laugh it off, definitely laugh it off! As you said, it's normal. It's like scratching an itch. It feels good. That's all.

As my mother always said about boys, "Once they find it, they never let go." I just tell My Boy not to mess with it in front of people, cause no one wants to see that (and those who do don't need to)!

My Boy asked me why it "tickles" and gets bigger sometimes. I just told him that how it was made and it means it's working just fine. He seemed happy with that.

That reminds me, sometime I'll have to share the story of his injury and subsequent visit to the urologist last year!

Just wait until Gracie makes a similar discovery!

Pippajo said...

Also, heh-heh, you said package.

Cause I'm twelve.

Tabba said...

HAHAHA, I did?? That IS funny, Pippajo!
My juvenile behavior only seems to be getting worse - not better.

And your mother is soooo right. As soon as Connor made the switch from diapers to underwear, his 'junk' is his best friend. During the summer, we stopped at Subway in our little college town (Newark/UofD) and I'm in line, there's a bunch of college kids in line behind me. Connor was standing there with me, stroking away & I yell, "STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR PENIS!!!!" I guess I forgot I wasn't at home....