The Name Game

(this is one of my favorite pictures that I took when Gracie was only a few months old)

I thought since I titled the childbirth posts in a 'strange' way, I'd do some explaining.
About a year ago, when I would ask Connor what his name was, he would reply, "Connor D-Daniel D-Dettori". So, I thought it would be cute to use that as the post title for the childbirth stories.
And then I figured since I cleared that up, if you're at all interested, I'd explain their names. Granted, neither is all that uncommon. I had figured since my name was unusual, I wanted both of my children to have uncommon names........That was not to be.
The debate over Connor's name still rages on, 4 years later. Bryan says he picked Connor. My recollection is that we agreed simultaneously. Alas, he was to be Connor. And we picked his middlename after the song 'Daniel' by Elton John. Bryan's family is Irish-Italian. I am of Irish/English/German descent. I thought Connor Daniel Vettori was a nice spaghetti-eating Irish name.......
The story behind Gracie's name is much clearer. I had my heart set on 'Cadence' and shorten it to 'Cade', looooooong before she was even conceived. It was not to be. Bryan couldn't stand it. Now, before we found out the sex for Connor, I know I had thrown 'Grace' out there as a possibility for a girl's name. And I distinctly remember Bryan not liking it. But one day, he comes home & says there was a newspaper article about popular baby names based on TV shows & he mentions 'Grace'. I thought how perfect......
See, as a little girl, I remember watching interviews of George Burns on 60 Minutes and what-not. And in every interview I had seen him in, he always mentioned his beloved Gracie. I adored the fact that a)he still held her so close to his heart and 2)he called her Gracie. So, Grace it was.......Gracie-goo, in fact. (The 'goo' part isn't legally part of her name - just thought I'd clarify.) And her middle name was picked after the song 'Alison' by Elvis Costello.
There you have it, folks. The story behind the story.

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Pippajo said...

Thanks so much for sharing that!

I love stories behind names as much as birth stories!

I would love to post the reasons behind my kids' names, but The Viking won't let me reveal any of our true identities (beyond our real Pimp names that is).

I absolutely love that your kids' names are partly inspired by songs. Being musicians, we almost went with Haydn for My Girl, but at the last minute The Viking decided it was just too weird, even for us.

Have I mentioned I love reading your blog? Well, I do, I really do!

Tabba said...

Awww, shucks......I'm just as smitten with you, Pippajo!

Jon said...

My first and middle names mean, when put together: 'God's Gift, who is Like God.'

Thanks Mom, thanks Dad.

Tabba said...

I'm sorry, Jon. I couldn't help but laughing when I read this.......