Progress #2

As I haven't bored you to death enough about Gracie's Halloween costume, I figured I'd make sure you are completely, thoroughly inundated with updates on my sewing progress. Here's the latest:

This thing has been a beast. I spent about 7 hours on the sleeves and the skirt yesterday. I was really aniticipating the sleeves being a bear and the skirt being cake. Oh, no. The sleeves? No effort. The skirt? A whole other story that I swear I won't bore you with.

There's still work left to be done. But if I have to look at the crappy pattern directions anymore today, I just may put my fist through a wall - or- a windshield. I'm thinking that I should get into the pattern-making business. There's got to be a way to come up with pattern directions that aren't completely discernable. Who knows? It could be me. Maybe I am just that thick.

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