When In Rome

I had a hit on my page from Torino, Italy yesterday. Pretty cool, huh?? Want to know what the keyword search was on google that they used? Ready??
Anal fist.
Yes, that's right. You read correctly. Anal fist.
And, if that is not disturbing enough, my blog was on 'page' 22 on google for that keyword search.
So, whoever it is in Italy sat through 22 pages of Google until they landed here. At little old Mrs. Incredible with the key word search of Anal fist.
I'm scared.
Are you??

2 ripples in the pond:

maggie said...

LOL. That is pretty scary they went through 22 pages of that. Hopefully not the image search.


Tabba said...

It IS scary! Oh god, images.....I didn't even think of that! Sheesh, double scary!
Thanks for sending your link!!