Thursday Thirteen Ramblings

THIRTEEN RANDOM THOUGHTS. Brought to you by: My scattered, crazy mind.

1) "His capa was detated." From last week's episode of 'The Office'. Michael was taken aback by his old boss passing away & he then finding out he was in an auto accident & was decapitated. That show is too funny & of all the 'wrong' things Michael says, this one just took the cake for me.
2) Without even thinking about it, my brain automatically will make a word/words/phrase out of the jumble of letters from the word verification when leaving a comment. I'm completely bizarre-o.
3) "He flicked me...with, with.....the end of himself." A quote from a "Mad About You" episode that I still find completely amusing. It has somehow come back to me after all of these years. I just love it.
4) I was sitting at the diningroom table with Connor while - making a project - and out of nowhere he exclaims, "BOOYAH!"

Where in the hell did that come from?? Where did he learn that??

5) I climbed into bed the other night. About an hour+ after I wanted to be in bed. Bry rolls over to me and says, "What time is it?" I replied, "Sex-o-clock".

6) There is nothing like a hot cup of coffee with Coconut Creme creamer on a chilly, rainy afternoon.

7) Lucky Charms - since childhood - has been my favorite cereal. However, a few months ago, I realized that the shapes of the oat pieces are the same shapes in 'Meow Mix' cat food. I'm completely freaked out by this.

8) I love thrift shopping. Monday, at the Goodwill, a clerk kindly gave me this hanging Tiffany-style diningroom lighting fixture. (I had been wanting one of these forever, but never wanted to pay the $).
I was stoked. After finding some cool clothes for Gracie, the light fixture was the cherry on top.

9) Has anyone else drawn the parallels between George W. Bush and Lord Farquaad from 'Shrek'?? I have thought this since the first time I saw the movie.

Especially when Lord Farquaad is amping up the Knight's to go on the quest to rescue Princess Fiona. He's addressing the knights in a public arena. He's speaking at his huge podium and says to the knights: "Some of you may die. But it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make."
Sorry, but that sounds like good 'ole W. to me.
10) What is the point of cleaning my house?? When TWO MINUTES LATER, it is completely destroyed by two sets of little hands?
I've given up on having a clean house.

11) My heart melted into a goopy, syrup-y mess, when last night, my baby girl sang along with me to Judy Garland's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".
It was a beautiful little moment. Gracie sings it better than I do.

12) There are two people from my past that I was really mean to.
One was from 6th grade.
The other was from the winter of 2000.
I have made up my mind that, before I die, I must find and contact these two individuals to offer up my sincere, heart-felt apologies.
It's been eating me alive for years that I could have ever been so cruel.

13) Bryan is in a training class to work in the prison's for overtime. He said to me, "I think that I want to do the S.E.R.T. training." I ask, "What is that again?" He replies, "It is the Emergency Response Team in the prisons. You know, basically it's their SWAT team." I told him, "Do It." He says, "Yeah, but the training is five weeks long. I'd have to get into shape......." Me: "Honey, if this is something you want to do, then DO IT. Find a way to make it happen."
Why can't I take my own advice?

10 ripples in the pond:

Pippajo said...

Ow! Ow! Ow! So much to respond to! So much to say! Brain and fingers can't keep up!

2) I do this too. I have to "read" the word verification selections. Bizarro here too.

5) Sex-o-clock! Ha! I'm totally going to use that one! Although I have the feeling The Viking will be using it more!

6) I concur.

8)OMG, OMG, OMG! Goodwill is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE places to shop! You were GIVEN that fixture? You rock! I've been literally fantasizing about going to Goodwill all week and have to wait until tomorrow! I am totally hitting all three of them in my area tomorrow!

10) Word.

and 13) The Viking is in a special training class too! He's training to be a First Responder for the fire department. I think that's it. But it was the same kind of thing. He came home, mentioned he wanted to do it, but said the training was two nights a week for a month, and I said, "I want you to do it." I hate the schedule but he loves it and it will be over soon.

Hope you like long comments!

Okay, I'm off to try and compose an entertaining list of my own.

Tabba said...

I absolutely ADORE long comments!!!

K T Cat said...

Goodwill is a great place to get things you use every day. I've cut my bills significantly by doing that. Estate sales are even better.

My TT is up.

Tabba said...

I've always wanted to hit an Estate sale......maybe I'll get to one some year!

slackermommy said...

Sex-O-clock! I love that! We have sexperiments and go on sexcations at my house!

maggie said...

I love that show the office. LOL. It cracks me up.

chunky monkey said...

hey this is really fatmarc. just wanted to say the kids look really cute.


Tabba said...

Kristie - Bry especially loved your sexperiments & your sexcations!!

Maggie - the office Rawks.

Fatmarc - they are cuties. Thanks for the compliment....true Ravioli's they are ;)

Tania said...

I looove Lucky Charms. Not the cereal exactly but the marshmallows. I could eat them all day.

Tabba said...

I think that's all I'll be eating from now on, the marshmallows. If I can ever bring myself to buy another box since this discovery.