Here I Am. The One That You Love.

It has recently come to my attention that I've not only the propensity to be a complete music snob, I have developed the ugly disease of being a Radio Nazi. I can't help it. Bryan & I are not even really on the same page, musically. I think I tend to lean toward the more artsy, eclectic and he leans more to pop stuff. And when I say stuff, I'm being nice. (See what I mean? It's like I can't control it).
Saturday evening, we were on our way to my mom's for my birthday dinner. For once, he's driving. Which means he's got the wheel to the Sirius Satellite radio, as well.
He stops at Air Supply's "Here I Am". I swear, I was willing my ears to sew themselves shut so that I could be spared this monstrosity of a 'song'. I'm sitting in the car, hemming and hawing. He tries to tell a story about how this song reminds him of being a kid & his dad listening to it.....and I most rudely cut him off and say, "I can't believe you're listening to this. This is horrible." He huffily changes the station and says, "Do you approve of this?" I said, "Yes, actually I do. This is much better" ('American Girl' by Tom Petty). I look over at Ravioli and I can tell he's pissed. And what you have to understand about Ravioli is that he rarely ever gets his panties in a bunch about anything (which is good & bad). So I say in my best dig myself out of being wrong hole, "Are you serious? You're mad?" He says, "Yes. I was having a moment. I was trying to tell you a story about how this reminded me of when I was a kid." So feeling about as shitty as I should feel for being a total bitch, I say, "Change it back. It's no big deal." And of course, would he? No. Just to make me feel all that much worse.
I deserved it.
I just can't believe I've turned into this person that can't stomach a subpar song. That I can't suck it up for two minutes - to let my husband have a moment with a song that reminds him of his father. I should, of all people, understand how certain songs can reach deep inside of you and not let go. But because this song was not up to my standard - Bry had to forgo his moment because I've turned into a Radio Nazi music snob.
This wasn't about the song. It was about the feeling and the moment. And I'm so wrapped up in what I was hearing that I couldn't just swallow that - for my Ravioli.
I'm a totally insensitive, self-serving person. One more thing on my list of things that need to be overhauled.......

4 ripples in the pond:

jen said...

i remember making out to air supply in the back of a car in the 80's. of course it sucks..but it's kinda sweet that your man still digs them. i suggest doing a naken lip sync to it tonight to make amends..

jen said...

dammit. i meant NAKED.

Tabba said...

You're right....Between that & the sweet birthday post I guess I have to make it up to him 'somehow'. That's just as good a way as any...

Hev said...

Isn't music supposed to be the thing we do get a bit passionate about?

You're right though, I do the same thing. Since when is it ok for me to force my (sometimes quite mixed up tastes) on my hubby & yet I can't sit through a single Chris Rea song without thinking I'm on my own personal 'Road To Hell"!

We all need that couple of seconds before we speak for the 'hurt monitor' to tell us not to say something!!