Morgen's Halloween Meme

Slackermommy tagged me for this Halloween Meme, which came from It's A Blog Eat Blog World. Hmm, who can I tag? Jen and chunky monkey. I don't know anyone else well enough to ask them :/

1. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
Undoubtedly, the scariest movie for me was 'The Ring'. After watching that, I couldn't sleep for a week and when the previews were on TV for the Ring 2, I had to either cover my eyes or change the channel. I cannot watch scary movies. And if I do, it has to be during the day.
2.What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child?
Get ready to piss your pants. But I dressed up as Boy George (he was my favorite singer at the time). That one was probably my favorite. I had total creative control over my costume that year.
3.If you had an unlimited budget, what would your Fantasy Costume be for this Halloween?
Glinda, The Witch of The North
Costanza from 'Amadeus'.
4.When was the last time you went Trick or Treating?
That last time I went trick or treating was in the 7th or 8th grade. But the last time I escorted someone trick or treating was last Halloween.
5.What's your favorite Halloween candy?
I'd have to agree with slackermommy that anything with chocolate, peanuts and/or peanut butter.
6.Tell us about a scary nightmare you had.
I can't really think of any. I sleep so deeply when I do get to sleep that I can't really remember my dreams.
7. What is your Supernatural fear?
Evil spirits
8.What is your Creepy-Crawlie fear?
Anything to do with nasty, disgusting, disease-ridden mice.
9.Tell us about a time when you saw a ghost, or heard something go Bump in the night.
I was standing at the kitchen sink, washing dishes & I thought Connor walked by the doorway that seperates the kitchen/diningroom. I was talking to him and he didn't answer. He wasn't in the diningroom at all. He was laying on the floor in the livingroom, watching TV. (My stepdad's brother did die in this house battling brain cancer & he passed away in the make-shift hospital room they had set up for him in the diningroom). There are more stories, but too many to type.
10.Would you ever stay in a real Haunted House overnight?
Um, HELL NO. But it seems that my house may be haunted from time to time. So, if I had a choice....NO NO NO.
11.Are you a tradionalist (just a face) Jack O'Lantern Carver, or do you get really creative with your pumpkins?
As weird as I am, I am a traditional Carver.
12. How much do you decorate your home for Halloween?
I don't decorate hardly at all for Halloween (not as much as I'd like). I basically decorate for Autumn.
13.What do you want on your Tombstone?
Ding, Dong The Witch Is Dead
It took all that dirt to finally shut me up.

3 ripples in the pond:

jen said...

aaaahhh...tagged by you and Momish BOTH for the same meme...the stars have aligned. I suffer at command performances, but i'll give it my best - anything for you.

Tabba said...

yeah, I'm not so great at these things either. But it was fun.
Thanks for trying to 'squeeze one out' for me ;)

Morgen said...

I love "it took all this dirt to shut me up"

great answers ~ thanks for answering my Halloween meme!