As you all know, I haven't been feeling well the past few days. That being said, my blog has been neglected, as well as, the reading of all those I stalk regulary. As I sit down tonight & take a peek at my regulars I'm totally overwhelmed. I have so much to catch up on & so little time. I have been away from the computer for a day & it's like I've missed so much.
It's pathetic. I feel like I'm in high school & had to leave a slumber party & feel totally out of the loop.
What's worse than missing out on what's been going on with my regular reads is that I have nothing to say. I'm a well that has run dry. It seems to happen often. I should amend that. I have a lot to say. But my thoughts ram into each other & I can't peel them off of one another to stream together one lucid, clear thought. *Sigh* Thank god I don't support my family by writing. It appears I have writer's block. Constantly.
The most that I can come up with to write about is our big excitement for the month was our State Police helicopter was flying up & down our street looking for someone on the run. So, we like all of our neighbors, went outside & stood in our yards watching the helicopter, which was watching a criminal. Not the smartest move, in all honesty. To stand outside while a criminal is on the loose.
Which leads me to think about all these bloggers whom I love to read about. Having all of these great plans, wonderful trips, exciting lives. All I've got is a helicopter story, an underwear on my kids head story and a bad case of PMS. *Sigh*
Well, have a wonderful weekend. Maybe I'll come up with something riveting to say. What would we all do then?

4 ripples in the pond:

jen said...

honey, you are perfect. i love coming over here to visit. it's the ailing neurons in your body dragging you down.

you'll be back to your sparkling, magnificent self in no time. i promise, and of course, i am always right (dammit) xo

Pippajo said...

You know, I'm beginning to think you're right. We just may have been separated at birth.

I feel like this at LEAST every other time I sit down at the computer. I read everyone else's blogs and think, "Wow. They're so funny, they're so entertaining, they're so smart, they're so cool, they're so creative." And it's the WORST on Thursdays when I have to think of a 13-point list of something. I feel intense pressure to be entertaining and witty and sometimes I want to just throw the computer down the basement stairs and go back to bed!

But I've learned to just be myself and not try to blog like anyone else does. As The Viking always says, "If someone doesn't like you for being yourself, they're the ones with the problem."

But I like you, and I love your blog. I check it every day (or at least every day I have time to be on the computer). You're in my top three. So pat yourself on the back and give yourself a break. We're our own worst critics and we can't please ourselves all the time.

Feel better? And just for the record, our big excitement today was spreading long rolls of big bubble wrap on the lawn and stomping on them. We decided we're going to save a ton of money and give the kids rolls of bubble wrap and big cardboard boxes for Christmas this year.

Tabba said...

thanks, ladies!! Damn PMS. It gets me everytime. No matter how many Pamprin I ingest.

Hev said...


I've just caught up with you after a manic weekend.

Hey, we all have these times. Sometimes we can see them for what they are, sometimes we take them too seriously.

I can understand the feeling of having nothing to say (hence my bizarre postings of random sentances last friday!!!) The point is: Would I, & the others who read your blog regularly, do that if we didn't find you interesting & want to know what's going on with you???? No we wouldn't - there are plenty of other boring blogs to read!!!!

(That was supposed to be reassuring, by the way!)

Anyway, I love it here & it makes me feel good to read your page & to know you've been reading mine!

Don't let the bastards (PMS, bloggers block or whatever!) get you down!