The 10-ton Weight On My Back Has Been Reduced to 5

Connor at 3 and 1/2: a self-portrait.

Our meeting went well & Connor got in. I'm not going to beat a dead horse. Everyone involved in the meeting was great, our contact fought hard for Connor & upon hearing he got in, I welled up with tears. I'm so relieved and happy. The teacher seems like a good match, as well as the school in general. Bry & I are stoked. He's going to be riding a regular school bus & even have his very own little locker.
I know that I may not be the most patient, affectionate parent. That at times, I'm short on all of the things that I should be. However, a mom/parent knows what's best for their child. I/We have been questioned regarding our steps to help Connor. We have been told we're crazy & that "he's just a boy." Astute observation. He is a boy. I can look back on this whole thing & say I did my job. I knew what was best for our son. I/We have fought hard for our son. And all of our fighting & all of our hard work has paid off. So THERE. (hehe, just messin')

Here are some tidbits from the mind of Connor that he felt comfortable enough to share with me today:

Connor: "Mom, do a lot of people in this world drive Hummer's?"
Me: "Unfortunately, yes, Connor. A lot of people in this world do drive Hummer's."


Connor: "Mom, will you tell my teacher at the new school to tell the kids not to call Connor, me, a loser."
Me: (welling up with tears)"Who has called you a loser Connor?
Connor: "No one. But it is a most important job to tell the teacher so that the kids won't call me a loser."
(this one will haunt me forever, I think.)


Connor: "Mom, is a wig, hair?"
Me: "Yes, Connor. A wig is like hair."
Connor: "Just for Halloween?"
Me: "Well, sometimes. But, some people who don't have a lot of hair or no hair. Well, they might want to have hair. So, they wear a wig."

Ok, so I mean, he's not proving theorems or coming up with rocket science. But jeez-louise. What the frig? This kid. I know every mom thinks their kid is amazing. And all kids are. But I can't get enrolled in classes quick enough to have a leg up on this kid!!

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