That's no Space Station, that's my ass.

Yesterday evening, I managed to snag a few minutes to myself to float around my mother's pool. So, I grab a raft, decide to lay down on my stomach and just let the breeze blow me about the pool. I'm laying there, enjoying the late afternoon sun, the silence, the water, the breeze, the floating when something very large keeps coming into my peripheral vision. It takes me a few minutes to realize what this thing is. It's my freaking ass. It's huge. What is even scarier is that it wasn't my whole ass that was catching me by surprise, it was one cheek. So, imagine what my surprise would be if I could view the whole entire thing. Scary. I now understand why the boys of darker complexions always seemed to gravitate toward me in middle school and high school. I have back. And apparently, lots of it. I believe it can be viewed from space.

See what I mean?? I told Bry he is NEVER to take pix of me from the rear on a bike EVER again! (I have also dropped a few lbs. since this pic. was taken). But still. This is not good

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Anonymous said...

i hope you read comments added to earlier posts... b/c i want to know where you were riding in this picture with the bike trailer! i have a young daughter and we just took our maiden voyage with my newish bike trailer yesterday. but we were on newark roads... yuck! wherever you were in this picture looks a whole lot safer and more scenic.

maybe i'll post on your most recent entry to make sure you read this. :)

Tabba said...

Oh, this was at Carousel Park. I agree, I'm too afraid to take the kids on an actual 'road ride'. But Carousel was perfect for hooking up the trailer and taking a ride with the kiddies. I hope this is helpful!

Anonymous said...

that is very helpful -- thank you so much! a friend of mine just mentioned that park yesterday, actually.

i used to ride with marc and diane YEARS ago... and actually bryan once or twice if i remember correctly. if you ever want to ride, marc might still have my email address... i'm a bit wary of putting it on the web for all to see!

-jen ross

Maigh said...

a) RIGHT on for getting on the bike and towing a wee one. I can barely pull myself along!
b) it's not that big. In fact, I bet if we asked Bry he would say it was "just right".


Tabba said...

aye, Maigh. It is a good thing for him that he does say it's 'just right' ;)