Hello, Moto

A friend of mine & I were talking the other night. I don't remember how we got on the subject, but we got to talking about 'only children'. She told me about someone she knew who bought her daughter, her 10-year-old daughter, a razor phone. I was stunned. So we began talking about 'what if we had only one child?'.
I asked her, "Well, what if your daughter was it? Do you think you would have done something like that? Or do you think you would want her to learn 'humbleness'?" My friend replied that she would probably buy her daughter a 'go phone' or something like that, but not a pink razor at the age of 10. I agreed. My kids certainly don't want for anything. Even in our somewhat-income-challenged-state. I just don't know how I would be if I had the ways and the means and only one child.
Being an only child (for most of my life)I can say that I was indulged, but not to that extent. I'm not trying to sound judgemental. I'm just wondering what is the motivating factor? Is it that she's an only child? Is it that the parents can, so therefore, they do? Where is the restraint? Where is the end of the line? What if the little girl (and she still is just a little girl) asks for a car at 11 or 12? Will her parents buy her one, just because they can? I mean, if I can't afford something that I consider to be extravagent for my children, I either don't buy it or find a way to buy it. I also try to be objective about what is 'age appropriate'.
It's just a testament to our society today and how much what we consider acceptable has been deemed 'ok' by advertisers, teeny-boppers and trash television. And parents.......we're buying into it.
So much has changed. I mean, the affordable access to such gadgets and technology. It has become socially acceptable and even the norm. Isn't this a little sad??? Isn't it sad that a 10-year-old may be expecting things like this? Rather than being happy to pedal on a bike in the middle of summer to play at her friend's house? Instead, you'll see this same little girl, riding her bike with a pink razor attached to the side of her head. But again, which is more sad? The fact that parents are so indulgent or that the girl desires it?
I don't know. Is this sad? Or am I just old-fashioned and out-dated??

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Anonymous said...

"But Daddy, I want a pink razor phone."

chunky monkey said...

i don't have a razor phone! People make fun of me cause my phone looks so anchient. Someone actually text messaged me recently and said I wasn't even sure your phone could do that.

slackermommy said...

I'm with you sista! They are getting phones earlier and earlier. My 8 year old has friends that have Razors. If anyone in my house is going to have one it will be me.