I Know A Girl. She Puts The Color Inside of My World.

This week, I have posted a lot about Connor. The crazy mom inside of me feels like I have to try to balance things out. So I figured I should do a post about Gracie-goo.
I found out I was pregnant with Grace on a Sunday night in November of '03. The previous evening, I had hosted a party where the conversation had turned to when Bry & I were going to have another baby. I went on and on how Connor was it for us. Well, 24 hours and one pregnancy test later, I was struck with the reality of another baby. Bry & I were freaked.
I was sick almost the entire pregnancy, I felt totally ambviolent about it & was totally devastated when I found out we were having a girl. Fast forward.......
I don't know how I could have ever felt any negative feelings. Things were rough when she was 1st born. With having 2 kids now instead of one and she would only breastfeed. I had never felt so tied to another human being or anything before. But despite these things, which like all things, work themselves out, I fell for her hard.
She is sunshine and life. She's always been happy, content, giggly and strong. She's all girl. She is already a caretaker, quick with a smile, hug and a soft, feminine touch. She lights up every room and can disarm you with her girly essence.
Now that she's two, I really see her personality bloom even more. I thought with having a 2nd child, watching her grow would feel monotonous. But it's been just as exciting. She's her own person, she does things in a completely different way than Connor. Grace and Connor are polar opposites. Everything that he is, she isn't and vice versa.
Watching her grow has been so cool. I can't explain it and this might not make any sense, but it's like we're on the brink of something completely and utterly amazing. I mean, she already is. There's nothing like having children and watching them grow. She's inbetween being a baby & a child. As a baby & toddler she's been nothing but a joy. So, watching her grow into a young girl is.....on the brink.
I'm so thrilled that she enjoys being near me at all times. I know that in time, that will change. I try to enjoy it while I have it. I can't relate to all of the girly-girl stuff. It's not my scene. But I love watching the world through her eyes and relating to a female that is of my own flesh and blood.

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